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Grow Sisters Media Presents, Know Your Farmer Series 2019. Rising Leaf Farms

Hi we’re Jennifer and Jason with Rising
Leaf Farms welcome to our farm! Raspberry Parfait is a plant that we Pheno- hunted on our farm last year. It’s a Shishkaberry pollinated by Truffula Tree,
Humboldt strain. And we just really really loved it. It’s got a really
beautiful fruity scent but it kind of it’s kind of more like a sweet tart
sense and it’s very reminiscent of raspberries and then it finishes a
little sweeter and almost a diesel finish on it. It’s a great indica hybrid
it’s my favorite at nighttime flower. This is my go-to for bedtime. Really love it. Hi were Jason and Jennifer from Rising Leaf Farms. We’re co-owners of Rising Leaf Farms. We’re the farmers here. I worked
at Intel for almost 16 years and inside I don’t want to do that anymore…
So we believe in planning our plants in the ground to give them the best soil
possible with the least amount of inputs to get the right plant. And if you use
good genetics like Humboldt Seed Company genetics you’re gonna get what you need
every time. Those plants do what they’re supposed to do and I’m excited about
this year!! One thing that’s really important to us at Rising Leaf Farms is is using sustainable packaging and trying to minimize waste wherever possible. We like to package our Sol Rolls which are our pre rolls into these Sana tubes. They’re made from a hundred percent hemp. Got two beautiful 0.7 gram
pre-rolls in every tube. Premium cannabis only flower No trim No seeds No stems
nothing just pure goodness right there!


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