1. Shayne King Author

    man i love your videos they make me want to play, im biggest thing is i dont have poeple to play with and also alot of time to find a guild and be truely apart of it
    one day ill have friends to help me play! keep up your hard work always llove!!

  2. Krzysiek Mitoń Author

    Definitely a helpful video! Off topic though, I need a little bit of advice.
    I'm currently getting my way through LS2 – finished main story and want to keep things chronologically even though I bought 2 expansions and only snatched myself a raptor for faster travelling.
    But anyway – what would you prioritize in my position?
    I'm usually doing daily PVP (getting quite good at it) because of fast daily and one day I do boss trains, and the other one trying to follow the storyline/do some crafting from guide.
    I've unlocked maybe 3 dungeons so far because it was on the nearby map, no raids so far either (only one attempt with a guild to that easiest test field).
    Am I doing anything wrong? Should I focus on story to have time to do other activities later on? I feel like I have too much to do ingame, therefore my progress is slow. And I can't save more than 2 hours per day on this game, sadly.

  3. Lemon Squeezy Author

    If you have been playing since release why haven’t you reached the daily AP cap of 15K? I have been playing 4 months I have 8500 AP and that includes only 1K from daily. If I had been playing since released and had earned no other AP beyond what I completed in my first 4 months I would be at 22.5K.

  4. Michael Coffey Author

    Fun video and as a returning player myself in 8 to 9 mo when I get a new Pc this video will be seen by me a few times to get this done asap 🙂 and yes free = smiles every time :). As always Thanks Kyo for the work needed to make these in depth videos.

  5. kadachi16 Author

    Any advice for someone who doesn’t like pvp in order to slog through them? I am up to 23k AP, but have tried to get into pvp and have never enjoyed it. I do want to get the AP there, but have never had any fun in it.

  6. Micah MacCallum Author

    I absolutely LOVE how you add a quick description about what is happening in the background. Fantastic editing! Keep it up!

    P.s. Seriously though I love how you added more to this video and made it worth watching (rather than simply playing it in the background as I do something else) due to your well-thought out and planned imagery and use of text.

  7. Michael Coffey Author

    Solid list as I am unable to come back to GW2 until Mid 2020 this kind of video with it's depth and discussion will be a godsend to me. Thank you so much for making this with the depth you did.


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