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H1Z1 Farming Guide – How to grow food in H1Z1.

Howdy folks! Jameson here from Big Muuk’s Forge Today I am going to talk to y’all about Farming Farming in H1Z1 provides us ingredients Used in advanced crafting, and cooking. The first thing we’re going to need Is a place to farm To keep yer crops from getting stolen You can either farm inside your locked base Or you can hide your garden In my case, I made a camp way out in The woods where nobody should be about Next, we’re gonna need some seeds Seeds can be found just about anywhere But I find them most often in Kitchen cabinets in the residential areas There are two kinds of seeds, corn and wheat. We can also grab some fertilizer It ain’t necessary, but it helps speed things
up Fertilizer can be found just about anywhere But is most commonly found in garbage cans
in Residential areas, and dumpsters in commercial
areas. Now we need a ground tiller To make a ground tiller, we need a wood stick A pipe and some metal shards The wood Stick is the same one used to make
arrows The Metal pipe can be found in industrial
areas Or crafted at a workbench using metal sheets The Metal Shards are made out of the Scrap
metal Found in the wrecked vehicles you see everywhere Each Ground tiller can only be used once But the plot of dirt made by the tiller Can be reused over and over. Once we get all our materials together At our safe farming place, we can get to it Right click on yer tiller and select “dig” This will bring up two garden rows They can be moved around by walking or looking
around Use the scroll wheel to rotate them They cannot be placed while they are red Once they are where you want them and They are green, left click to place. With our garden rows in place We can plant our seeds Each row has two locations for seeds Each plot can hold four seeds Right click on your seed packets And select “place” When yer happy with the placement And it is green, left click to place Now, we can wait 24hrs of Real Life time Until our plants are ready to harvest Or we can use fertilizer to cut that time
in half. If you have fertilizer, stand near your Garden plot and right click on the fertilizer In your inventory and select “use” Your crops are ready to harvest when you Put your target reticle on them and get The “Take Corn” or “Take Wheat” message When you harvest your crops, each plant Produces one corn or wheat and two seeds Now you can use your corn and wheat for More advanced crafting and cooking recipes The more advanced recipes produce Food and drink that is less bulky More efficient and may provide extra benefits We’ll cover that in another guide If this guide has been useful to you Please give me a thumbs-up If you have any questions or comments Let me know down below That’s all I have for you folks today Y’all come on back and see us


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