Hand Embroidery with Textile Artist Gilda Baron – Stumpwork Embroidery Designs


  1. Lalitha Shivakumar

    Beautiful madam.thanks for new idea.i wud like to thank u tube who have been good teacher to so many.thanks Jio who made us get internet to all .

  2. Marion Sy

    Thank you for this video Gilda. Your work is exquisite and I am most grateful for your kindness in sharing your techniques. Sheer inspiration. Thank you muchly!

  3. playhooky

    Your video title is a little misleading, since you spend so much time on the painting.  You should edit it to say something like mixed media/fabric batik painting and stumpwork.  I gave it a thumbs up and kept watching cause found it interesting anyway, but people find this video when just searching for stumpwork and so that may be why you have several thumbs down.

  4. Doris S

    What a great instructor you are Gilda. The calmness you show in your teaching makes it very enjoyable that I want more and more knowledge from you. It seems that you have unlimited experiences and techniques in the world of creativity. Thank you for your time.

  5. Shoshi Platypus

    Thank you, Gilda, for being so generous with your techniques. Many artists are a lot less so! Beautiful work. I love the way the flowers burst out of the front of the canvas and give so much depth to the piece. Lovely colours and textures too.


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