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Hands-on Aquaculture: Emma Wiermaa

Wisconsin aquaculture has been around
for generations, hundreds of years, but right now it’s really increasing. So
aquaculture is the fastest growing segment of agriculture globally, and it
is really the future to support the global demand for seafood and the global
population. In Wisconsin specifically, Wisconsin aquaculture is highly
regulated. A fish raised in Wisconsin you know is raised environmentally
sustainable. GREG: The mission of the facility is to grow aquaculture in Wisconsin and in
the Midwest. And a lot of the research projects that we are conducting here at
NADF wouldn’t be possible without the help of Wisconsin Sea Grant or the help
of the National Sea Grant Office. EMMA: It’s really exciting to watch students get to
handle fish – many of them for the first time. Being able to have an interactive
and a hands-on tour here is very unique and special. I’ve been to several
facilities like this, but we are the only one like it in the Midwest and only
about a handful like us in the country, which is really unique. And it’s a great
resource for this facility to be here in the Midwest, especially for Wisconsin
farmers, to be able to just come here and see all the research that’s happening.
What’s so exciting is showing people kind of what aquaculture means in Wisconsin, and how we raise fish here, and how it’s sustainable, and really the future of food production.

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