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Harrod Horticultural Steel Fruit Cage hinge and door catch assembly

in we’ve recently upgraded the door hinges
and door catches on our fruit cages and i’m going to little bit of a
demonstration now about fit them in and how they work first of all normally when you put a fruit cage
together the hard work is over slice but if you have updated your fruit cage or if you forget to put this door hinge and door catch on during assembly there’s another way this is the other way I’ve found just warm up the hinge warm enough to then prise apart the pieces slide on the upright of the fruit cage americorp site much of the hinge side is in the right originations how
you want to mount or in this case adobe engine this way and and then simply slide the bolts for it and these are not providers and again using yelling keywords
provided in the kit simply tighten up sodas net that up when you’re ready to put the some apart onto the door frame through the next now the legally opposing hinge book the framework of the door we can simply offer up xxxxxxx probe stylist balson and with the not supplied since you do it you don’t have to have a title she won
the dole still for st and you’ve got perfectly hinging door it also updated improved the door caps
for the steel aluminium pages this nylon assigns still system is a
much tighter captive prevents more votes from two to
three uh… once you’ve got the catch block here imposition for that way where you want to be and that just the other part says directly opposite and using the stainless steel catch slide into place women in your pack you
have these two little bits of plastic here a simply especially about ramon on the other side and innocently held in place spoke frieda anand anot the back he dinosaur overtime just so that the
looking not contagious at the back doesn’t want to be to excite because the
catch what he wants to have slight strictly notice that the status still catch here not symmetrical restore is set up to it
now woods couches longer on the side to prevent
the door from swimming in woods the silicon outwards

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