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Harvest season yields smaller crop for many area farmers

Local farmers are starting to harvest. But they’re seeing lower prices. First News reporter Jason Cerjak spoke with a local grower about this year’s harvest. [D6]20191004 FALL HARVEST 27-PK October has arrived…and farmers all across the Valley are in the middle of harvest season. For many growers…the exceptionally wet early part of the season has had an impact on this year’s crop. Angiuli: “THERE’S ACTUALLY A LITTLE SHORTAGE IN THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON BECAUSE OF THE WEATHER THAT WE HAD WE EXPERIENCED THIS SPRING WITH NOT BEING ABLE TO GET OUR CROPS PLANTED IN AS EARLY OR IN A TIMELY FASHION LIKE WE SHOULD HAVE.” The late start has left the local corn crop smaller and less developed than normal. With less being harvested than in year’s past… Local growers…like Angiuli’s Farm…are expecting to see an impact to their bottom line. Angiuli: “NOW WITH THE GRAIN PRICES BEING REALLY DEPRESSED RIGHT NOW AND ALSO THE HARVESTED BUSHELS YOU’LL GET PER ACRE IS GOING TO BE WAY DOWN THIS YEAR.” Angiuli’s Farm got a break with a dry August and September… Which made the second half of the season more profitable. Angiuli: “I THINK THE LATE CROP DOES LOOK REALLY GOOD RIGHT NOW CONSIDERING WHAT IT WENT THROUGH. WE HAVE A REALLY NICE CROP OF TOMATOES AND PEPPERS.” With market prices down overall across the board…2019 will be a difficult year for many farmers. Angiuli: “OVERALL…THE CROP IS GOING TO BE WAY SMALLER THAN IN THE YEARS PAST. YOU HAVE LESS TO SELL, SO YOU HAVE LESS MONEY…IT’S JUST THE WAY IT IS.” In Canfield Township…Jason Cerjak…WKBN 27 First News.

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