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Hauling Heavy Huge Havre Hoppers Home Hooray – Welker Farms Inc

well guys today is the day to get these
back to the farm these are our hopper bottoms these two right here and we’re
gonna be putting them on the rocket which I just drove up right here
we’re in Havre Montana and the guys would be bringing a forklift over here
they’re gonna use to lift them up and then we’re gonna figure out a way to
mount them to that trailer these hoppers are built by that guys fab shop you can
see right there so leg arms getting some measurements on the legs here so we’re
go ahead and pull all these out that was wrong earlier this makes it 14 feet with
these out they just brought the forklift over and he’s gonna get underneath that
thing lift it up and then we can put it on top the trailer and figure out where
the legs gonna go looks like they’re gonna sandwich the legs together on one
side okay just picked her up he’s a hoppers way they say around 5,000
pounds so it’s really not a tremendous amount of weight on this actually this
hopper bottom weighs more than the whole bin does that we’re gonna be picking up
so he’s going to go ahead and put the hopper behind me I’m gonna back the
trailer up we pulled the wings out as you can see I’ll back underneath him and
then we’ll figure out which legs will touch the frame which legs won’t let me
go from their cars okay right now just a few legs are
resting on these square tubing so we’re going to do is we’re gonna go ahead and
boom it down we’re gonna put chains on it boom the whole thing down we’ll take
it over to their shop and we’re actually gonna weld these legs to the frame of
the trailer we can cut that later now granted I’ll make a look nice book
paint on it but well it’s pretty soft but so well well that prove it I think
it won’t go anywhere all right leg arms is booming over there
and they got the second hopper coming on I think this is gonna work out really
good can’t even this board here Scott there
we go I’m gonna back her up a hair let’s even
get in the lineup as many likes as we can okay just drop this off for down on got
a leg right there did you go up just a hair we got a piece
of wood that fell underneath a little bit little more there we go yeah you’re
good boomer so a Boomer basically has a cam and you hook on the chain you leave
a little slack in the chain and the cam on this lever to put a pipe over it to
give them more leverage and it’ll suck this chain tight breeds for the fights just to get leg
arms a little more strength not that he needs it nice that’s tight
that’s better all right there we go both hoppers are on the rocket the
rocket being the trailer the boom to the front the back and swears to boomers on
each to popper bottom there’s leg arms he’s a jerk I’m gonna drive us over to
there that guy’s fab shop building which I got a little secret because I’m going
to tell you in a second here but they’re gonna attack well those legs down to the
frame and then we’ll flagger up get on our merry way got getting over a little
permit to as well as we have stopped the scales they’re gonna just checking out
make sure that we’re legal get a permit got to flank vehicles 18 feet wide
I better not mess this up just gotta pull it up next to this lovely building
right here very special lovely building all right guys here’s my secret this
building I’m in right now is the original big bud Factory this is the
assembly line that big button used back in the 70s and early 80s the 747 big bud
was built in here or assembled in here our big buds were built in here at least
our series 2 in our series 3 our series 1 might not have been we’re not cool the
imaginal up brand-new white paint in here five and a quarter four 50s to 50s
757 49 50 all of them this is where it was done right now it’s
owned by torgeson there a case big case dealer in Montana and Torgerson is rung
that half and they rent this half to that guys fab shop and they’re the ones
that built us those hoppers there’s a couple more buildings here that are from
the Big Bud plant but when big but it went under
you know these buildings eventually were acquired by I don’t know
Ferguson’s bother I don’t think they bought it right after they went out of
business but imagine the congressman’s ended up with this lot and now they run
their dealership out of this area but also of another note we just bought a
machine that’s actually on this lot somewhere too so kind of funny
see all those gantry cranes I guess those aren’t gantry cranes those are
just what I call those swing out cranes gantry controller got a that’s a gantry
crane there yeah that is got some nice fab equipment in here we got the truck
pulled up for the big door right here this is the door where the 747 Big Bud
would have rolled out with its fresh coat of paint could help it had to walk
up the office stairs this is where a big button out there their offices in the
building here but I’m gonna take a shot from up above so you guys can see what
it looks like in here okay there’s the crew down there this is a jig that they used to make
those hopper bottoms they can make up to 5 he said up to 10 with 15,000 bushel
bins hopper bottoms can fit on that that’s Torgerson side over there and you
guys will see in the picture I’m gonna share in a second but the 747 but if I’m
correct looks in the picture worked right there in that picture when my
grandpa my dad came to check it out and that have been 79 I believe pretty
amazing here’s a looks like the stand bottom stand for a pretty large hopper
being built right now and they just finished packing this on
so you can see they put beads as well all the legs that are touching and then
we got our boom real securely well we’re just about to take off
that’s all secure we got to put some flags on its top by the way scale get
our permit and get on the road but there it is again all you big blood fans out
there this is this is home so there’s a couple buildings down here too that I
believe we’re part of the bud factory maybe some over here just up the hill
right up this way is actually big equipment and that’s where Ron Harmon
moved his business which was big bud but eventually he started a big equipment
company and they’re up on the hill up there and that’s what that building
burned down there in the process I believe of getting ready to rebuild and
put a new building up soon I got to check it out I’ve been there in a while
and they also have another building west of here little ways and maybe I’ll be
able to go do a tour of it I drove by you can see it off the road
white tractors everywhere there’s big buds all over in front so that’d be
pretty fun soft talk and see maybe some time and go and do a video on that but
anyway that’s kind of cool I’ve never been in this building before my dad and
my grandpa and others had been here back the day when the buds were rolling out
of here but it’s it’s just it’s just pretty cool you know it’s not it’s part
of that history there’s a lot of a lot of history time for some coffee okay doctor movin hoppers just getting
all the oversized gear on we got wide load
unlike arms pickup here and guys beacon on the top and my dad’s over here laying
underneath other pickup getting his ready or load this wide they told us we
don’t need a white load sign on the back of the trailer itself just both pilot
cars have to have a beacon that’s 360 degrees can be seen as well as wide load
on front and back we flagged the widest points of the trailer my dad’s doing the
same with his pickup getting a wide load on the front back and then we’ve got a
rotating beacon on the top of the truck and then on the front bumper of the
truck which I’m not sure I think this is required as well we’ve got an oversized
load up here too so quiet oversize all that pretty much let everybody know that
we’re big all right we’re rolling wide load back there
okay we got a permit we’re good to go now everything everything seemed to work
out so let’s try to make this trip without any instance that the awesome
see at the farm how do you like that four green bits I dare you guys to count
how many are there so we transitioned County Road down we
were in a Liberty County now we’re in toll County maybe 15 miles left
something like that all right we’re just now turned onto the gladder Road fell
apart Galata though closer nice little sprayer right there I know
that guy due to the fact that the fifth wheel on
the trailer doesn’t overhang very far we had to run the fifth lap late as far
back as possible which means as you can see is there’s not much
covering those those axles back there so I got rocks smack in my cab right now
huh I’m just wait for my window to break oh well we’ll make it
still got crop out european-cut you guys see right there
I’ve seen some mustard some canola it looks like spring wheat right here
finally we’re back in our area that’s our field right there
driving across country winner we’d still not up yet hopefully this week with the
BN in the 60 almost 70 degrees one day will help wake it up and get it to come
out with a ground but yeah that needs to be up soon it’s not out yet 100 miles
and the last stretch is the roughest that’s the fence they’re going we’re
gonna go ahead and take these hoppers to the farmyard over here but they’re gonna
be over here at that place you all right mission accomplished they are
into the farmyard I took my I swapped the leg arms earlier and I got my knee
got a new phone actually if you guys don’t know that’s the quality’s only
better I hope it is and I tried to fly my drone the video is flying into the
yard but it decided might cut over the yard
lose connection to the remote so fortunate I could see the drone and I
could manually fly it to the ground but so I think I don’t know if I didn’t get
regular footage or not but hopefully it does if it is I’ll put it in the video
you guys will see it but yeah let’s take a look see other thing do anything crazy
so they went around had that guys fab shop and they put a couple beads of weld
like that where all the legs are touching a couple these legs were firmly
on uh on square tubing like down right there and of course we boomed
you know the Centers to the mainframe but every one of these welds held up
that whole hundred miles with his trailer flex and everything so we’ll
come through the plasma cutter and we’ll just lightly cut that off grind this
down you won’t even know what that’s been welded on to and then we’ll figure
out a way which how they’re going to use the crane right there or the front end
loader to grab these you need to take them one at a time over where they’re
gonna be over there or just run this whole trailer over pick them off and
then we’ll get figured out how to do concrete and everything and then yeah
get some new hopper bottoms I forgot to wear my welcome here today I got extra
hats and shirts on but uh I do usually wear my Welker year so anyways but yeah
we’re back that’s good and now I got some other things I got to do but if you
guys like liked the video make sure to subscribe to the channel like us on
facebook Instagram we even have a Twitter and yeah that’s it so I do have
some cool stuff coming up here in the next couple weeks I think you guys will
really enjoy it we’re getting really close to 100,000
subscribers I don’t know if this videos gonna be out before after that but it’s
gonna be fun and I can’t wait it’s the hundred thousands of big numbers so I’m
pretty excited for that so yeah I hope hope you guys all enjoy that we’ll catch
you all later


  1. Welker Farms Inc Author

    Sorry everyone, accidentally deleted Hauling Heavy Huge Havre Hoppers Home – Welker Farms video through the YouTube app while attempting to miricast to a tv. Turns out if a video is in a queue list and you click delete thinking it'll remove the video from the list….it does…and it deletes it from your channel as well. Next time look for "clear" instead of delete! Lol

  2. Bud Harriss Author

    Guess I'm on here out of order, because I saw the video when these were put in service at your place. when we saw the
    dog (un-named) riding shotgun on the Big Bud, No complaint! Just love wating what you do. Florida Boy

  3. Wayne Rogers Author

    Now that is a good wide load but you got lots of open roads in your neck of the woods. I liked the way you secured the load well done.

  4. Kevin Flaherty Author

    We used to buy from Army surplus 830 MB Rubber Wheel push dozer, they look exactly like your big white tractors. Just a thought in case you wanted to look them up they can be bought pretty cheap.

  5. Kevin Flaherty Author

    If is ok to ask, how many acres do you farm? I think it's amazing when you show video of miles of fields. Here in New England 4 or 5 hundred acres wood be a big farm.

  6. Jon Murray Author

    What’s neat about where you are is my great great granddad homesteaded up in that area in the early teens of the 20th century. Was only there 3 years, though.


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