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Hay Day: Day at the Farm!

HAY DAY: DAY AT THE FARM We have arrived at our destination! Hello! Oh my God. Good to see you again, buddy! Look at the truck! They have the board for the truck! I want to see what’s on order.
They’re so cool. I would like to get some grapes. – I know where grapes are!
– Wonderful. I’ll wait here. I absolutely adored today.
I come to a farm. There’s the truck.
There’s the board. There’s chickens. There’s sheep. There’s characters from the game,
plus a few other things. And I ate lots of good food,
it’s awesome. It’s really cool. – Yes, one coin.
– Okay. – I have a coin!
– I got a bacon pie! To be honest, I was not expecting
anything like this. I was kind of hoping
that they may be taking us to a farm. I thought it may be a farm,
and then we show up and see that they literally
recreated the Hay Day farm. It’s breathtaking.
It takes all your words away. Whoever brings me back first
what I asked for is the winner. Two apples and one pineapple. Two apples and one pineapple coming up! This is absolutely beautiful. The farm, here,
duplicates Hay Day very well. The roadside shop, all the food.
Everything is amoozing. For the Hay Day Bake Off,
it was a total surprise. I was not expecting to do a competition with my fellow Hay Day content creators, not playing a game,
but actually making a cake. We had a team of four,
at first a team of three. We decorated the cake. We tried to do the best we could.
And we won! My favorite part of today
was the conversations with Camilla. That was really cool, during lunch. I learned a lot of things. It was one of the nicest things today. But there were a lot of great things. What I liked most about today
was the bake off. It was really cool. The place we arrived at was nice. I did not expect that. But the bake off was the best. Everything is jolly. It’s all beautifully orchestrated. I see a lot of things from Hay Day: The sheep, the chickens,
the truck I’m sitting on. It’s all there. What do I think of the day?
There’s so much to think about. So many awesome words
to use to describe it: it was incredible, amazing.
It was epic.


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  2. Annette Kenny Author

    What a beautiful place. You guys are soooo lucky to have experienced it. I love this game and all the people behind the scenes. You are all amoozing😊

  3. EVA M. Author

    Muito Show 😍🎥🐑🐷🚛
    Venha fazer parte da nossa vizinhança, só para quem gosta da corrida e ajudar. Nossa vizinhança. AS INSEPARÁVEL 3AMIGAS

  4. Alanas Eitutavicius Author

    I like the production of this cute video!! If you want up to 4,000 diamonds added to your farm use :

  5. Clemencia Delcastillo Author

    I love the Hay DAY !! How i can do for to go at one real Farm Hay Day , like this one !! I appreciate it if you can help me ! I am playing Hay Day for about 6 years !!!

  6. Kai Sang Author

    I hope supercell comeback in vietnam ;( I played games and many memories with family and friends. I am really sad because I have been with Supercell for 6 years

  7. natasha oneluv Author

    Please can I come to farm please please please please it would be my dream come true 👍💯💯😍💖💜💙💛🇬🇧🇬🇧

  8. Le Jeana Barrett Author

    Hey guys! I was wondering if you would like join my fun and helpful neighborhood! It's named Purple Hamster Inc. 🤗 Any and all are welcome here 😄 Ill see you there!

  9. ixel Styles Author

    I love Hay Day so much! It’s the only game that I have put in real money more than once 😂😅😅😭
    This would have been so so sooo cool to experience! To be able to go there


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