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Hay Day: Meet the Farmer! S2E3: Traci from Tennessee, USA

USA I’m Traci Lemons.
I live in Indian Mound, Tennessee. I do volunteer firefighter
and coach cheer-leading. We have two dogs
and a mule named Ruby. Actually, I have a mule in Hay Day,
named Ruby. In the south, we say
you always have a good and a bad child. Oftentimes, the good comes first
and the bad comes last. It wasn’t really like that for mom. Ashleigh was the good child
and I was the horrific child. It’s easier to go down
to the friend’s task and find you. I must meet friends for all that.
OK, I’m here. Today is Ashleigh’s graduation party. Growing up, we were nine years apart. We did grow up
in different realms in school. I cheered and she’s in a band. Traci usually wasn’t in class.
They never knew where she was at. Then with me,
I was always trying to get straight A’s because God forbid I get a B. Don’t don’t touch this.
I’ve got this organized. She kept telling me
We need something to bond over, then I started playing Hay Day
and got her into playing Hay Day, and that’s how we started bonding. – What do you need, Ashleigh?
– Some tomatoes and cream. Alright. They’re the one up.
I put two up. Teamwork makes the dream work
between us. Ashleigh and I felt tired of playing
in neighborhoods that kick you out if you don’t play by their rules, and I said, “Ash, let’s start
a new neighborhood.” I’m the Leader. She’s the Co-leader. As Co-leader, she gets
to make public service announcements. So, that’s her designated job. I’m going to college
to get my Associate’s first, then get my Bachelor’s in biology,
and get my optician license. I’m concerned she’ll leave,
but I think I’m more concerned she doesn’t know
what she’s getting into. It will be a shock for her,
when she gets out in the real world. I’m used to starting on August 1st. – Don’t choke me.
– I’m blending. Be quiet! What was your favorite thing
in college? – Party.
– Party? What was your favorite place to party? Universal Landings. You don’t need
to know about that. – So, don’t go there?
– Don’t go there! – Don’t go there, OK. When Ashleigh leaves, I’ll miss her. If she was to decide
she wanted the big city life, I’d be sad, but you can’t fault her for wanting to get out of a small town, where everyone knows everyone,
and better herself. I speak for everyone
when I say we’re proud of you, Ash. We can’t wait until we’re sitting here,
and this says Dr. Ashleigh Austin. OK, now you can cut your cake. Even though we bonded over Hay Day,
we’ve become closer because of it. In ten years, I think
we will still be close. I see our relationship
as she’ll be a doctor, I’ll be her office manager. Our roles will switch: she’ll be
the leader and I’ll be her co-leader. I’m glad you only graduate
high school once. – What else did you need?
– Go pick up the mining task. – I’ll sell you the stuff to do mining.
– Oh, my God. I got it. – No, you didn’t.
– Oh, I’m sorry. There they are. Lit! That was very dorky.


  1. Lynn Stillwell Author

    All I can say is, "Bravo!" And, "more, please!" — Best wishes to Ashleigh in college! And way to go, Traci! (By the way, I love Tennessee — I'm in your neighbor state, Georgia.) — Beautiful job, again, Hay Day!

  2. نور حسين Author

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  3. Gabriele Gregorio Gregorio Author

    Se non mettete la traduzione non tutti sanno inglese x cui non ci capisco nulla, li trovo inutili non essendo in grado di capire ciò che dicono.🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  4. Blanca Ayala Author

    Me encanta este tipo de historias, igual nos pasa con nuestro vecindario, hemos hecho amistad y eso que soy la única que vive en Colombia, las quiero mucho mis chicas super poderosas de sanandresana ❤


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