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Healthy and Heavenly Taste Wheat Milk Halwa | Thirunelveli Wheat Halwa Recipe

Wheat Milk Halwa Wheat Milk Halwa Wheat Milk Halwa


  1. Mohabat khan Malak Author

    This kind of halwa is also made in Oman (Sultanate of), and the Omanis over the centuries took it to the Swahili coast of East Africa – Mombasa, Lamu, Zanzibar and Somalia. It is a favorite there with black coffee or tea, and in the past (1960's and before) the shops used to pakage them in cone shaped pockets of woven palm fronds. The smell of cardamom and saffron in the halwa was heavenly. Thank you, and thumbs up.

  2. Chennakesava Reddy Author

    pakkana vere bowl lo carmil ani edo chesaru kada sugar to .. adi ah color loki ela vachundi.. nkau artham kala.. daantlo sugarto patu inka emaina vesara.. second bowl lo vesinadi.

  3. Delta kaburlu Author

    Ingredients lo caramel ani mention cheyaledu. But cooking lo second pakam caramel to ani cheparu. Aa part explanation correct ga ledu. Ee dout chala mandiki undi, adigaaru kooda. Kani meru answer cheyatamledu. Ademanna secret ingredient aa?

  4. Tulasi K Author

    500 grms sugar ani chepparu kani caramel preperation ki entha sugar use cheyali and vidiga prepare chesina sugar syrup ki entha sugar use cheyali. Plg give me reply…


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