Healthy wheat flour/atta momos

Today i will show how to make momos normaly it is made from plain flour but today i will show this recipe with wheat flour which is very healty Ingredients for momos wheat flout/atta-1 cup oil for dough salt to taste ingredients for stuffings green red and yellow capsicum shredded carrots mushrooms cabbage crushed ginger garlic black pepper powder soya sauce lets start our recipe first we will make the dough take wheat flour oil around 1tbs salt to taste make a dough by adding little water at a time dough should be lillte hard from chapati dough Dough is ready cover it and keep it aside for 5-10 minutes lets start to make the stuffing put 1 tbsp oil in a hot pan add crushed ginger and garlic do not fry much add mushrooms carrots cabbage capsicums do not cook much….it will cook later in the steamer stir it for 2-3 minutes add salt black pepper power soya sauce mix it well cook for few minutes turn off the gas and remove it in a bowl stuffing is ready lets make the momos take a lemon size dough and roll it like chapati but in smaller size do not make very thick fill it with stuffing and make momos in whatever shape you like our momos are ready to go in a steamer in which i have already put some water which is boiling lets put all the momos in steamer cover it and cook it for 10-15 minutes in steamer switch off the gas after 10-15 minutes and let it cool for few more minutes lets check our momos as you can see momos are changed in colour and little shiny thats means its completely cooked i have already greased the idly mould with oil thats why our momos coming out very easily lets serve our momos with momos chutney which i will show you in my next recipe serve hot thank you all for watching my videos please like and subscribe::))


  1. rajni rathore Author

    usually I don't like momos… but ab Teri ye recipe try karungi. thnx fr sharing
    home-made samosa recipe bhi plz share karna bhawna.
    till then take care b-bye😊


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