1. Thunk00

    It reminds me of the Galilee. Intensive agriculture everywhere, mostly in olives, bananas, large tomatoes, cantaloupe, and watermelons. Between the fields there are three thousand-year-old villages next to modern idyllic community villages, next to highways and some fair-sized urban areas.

  2. Thunk00

    Well, most historians these days are saying that Jeffersonian ideals lost out many years before the Civil War. Their last true proponent was Andrew Jackson, but he mixed them with a hawkish attitude, which came to define his party much more than its original economic policy, which was forgotten as sectionalists took firm control in the 1840s.

  3. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    Thomas Jefferson favored an economy based on agriculture that stressed individual freedom, Hamilton worked to promote commerce, industry, and a strong central government, under which, he believed, the economy would flourish. Jefferson was right.


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