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Helios 40-2 85mm – Don’t use it on a crop sensor

welcome if this is your first time on
this channel my name is noe and today I want to talk about what it’s like
photographing with the Helios 40-2 85mm 1.5 on a crop sensor in the rain you
now for those don’t know I like shooting vintage lenses and I like rain
photography so I thought it would be a pretty good idea to try my Helios 40-2 in
the rain on a crop sensor now it’s actually it’s an old Russian lens it’s
very hard to focus even when it’s wide open it’s actually pretty soft but
that’s not the reason that I like shooting with it I like shooting with it
because it creates this really swirly bokeh pattern in the back now if you’re
shooting on a full frame camera you can actually see the effect very well but as
I learned shooting on a crop sensor camera is actually it kind of crops out
most of the swirly bokeh so I just came to the conclusion that shooting on a
crop sensor is not very good for that lens there is an alternative the 58
millimeter Helios 44-2 – that’s much wider and actually looks you can actually get
the effect much better on a crop sensor but the Helios 40-2 which is 85 millimeters I
don’t think it’s worth shooting on a crop sensor anyways enough of me talking
I want to show you I’m gonna show you how the night went out and in the end I
ended up the taking pictures with my phone because in my experience shooting or
buying the Helios 40-2 85mm f1.5 for a crop sensor is not worth doing for anybody’s let’s get to
shooting alright so welcome everyone today I’m human you can
walked around buddy so my name is Lucan Coutts and I’m a digital artist from
Toronto Canada spending a few days here in the beautiful city of Seoul South
Korea shooting some neon light and this beautiful rainy night my favorite
conditioned Instagram is a channel which I’ll link down below also Zane is with
us she’s holding the camera is that we are model today and woke me I got the
Helios 40-2 really nice swirly bokeh nice pretty I’ve never shot in the rain but that’s not what I want to find out how it looks
today so for me that’s what we’re gonna find
out today right so first of all as I told you I’m
shooting with the Helios 40-2 and I’ma tell your right now this is not an easy
lens to use because it’s very soft but you don’t
buy it cuz it’s sharp or anything you buy it for the swirly bokeh the problem is I’m
shooting it on a crop sensor while the swirlyness is kind of cut off but I still
want to try anyway so all my pictures are not going to be like my usual
pictures I’m just trying to get so I really like this spot a lot I think
it’s got like some potential so we’re getting Zane over here I like this spot
I think you look good in it right here it’s not very good for a wide photos but
I still use my phone all right so I want to get all of this so I’m going to use
my phone done I’m going to underexpose like that oh you see I still use my phone. I feel very
limited because I’m using the crop sensored camera I just want to use my phone now to shoot so yeah if you’re considering buying the
Helios 40-2 85 millimeter 1.5 and you have a crop sensor camera i heavily suggest
you don’t do it because if you’re on a crop camera it’s gonna crop out most of
the swirl bokeh but we have a full-frame camera feel free to do so like I said I
am really careful when I’m talking about gear because I think I’m reaching some
kind of level where I have some kind of influence and I don’t want people to go
out and buy gear just because I talk about you know this is a very
specialized land it’s very pretty old but you don’t buy it for its sharpness
or it’s corners or vignetting or anything like that you buy it mainly just for the
swirl and this is more like an arts event it’s not not something you want to
use on a professional shoot unless that’s the effect they want anyways see
you around leave a like leave a comments subscribe and I am planning on making a
more in-depth video regarding the Helios 40-2 I also have Helios 44-2 which is actually
I’ll have more on that later yeah I’ll see you around you


  1. Noealz - Rain Photographer Author

    ✅ Websites




  2. DaRougexo Author

    Old habits die hard lol going back to phone photography. good stuff, and what do you mean exactly by getting it for full frame? Does the full frame allow more of the shot to be in frame so that you can see the swirls or is the focus point off?

  3. Martin Hanusch Author

    I really like the helios 40-2. I guess you are right about the full frame sensor though. I used the lens during my stay in Seoul so often. I think there may be better lenses in terms of image quality but from my point of view it is really ok. I did some really decent shots, even cityscape (on I guess it was f8.0) from N Seoul Tower. From my experience the swirly bokeh seemed to be more intense on a smaller aperture, maybe f2 or 4, depending on the distance to the subject and background.

  4. Casa de Chrisso Author

    May I suggest a Mitakon Lens Turbo II adapter for your crop camera? It was the best investment I could make for old lenses, you get back the full bokeh porn, plus a stop of light or so, plus the images subjectively appear a bit more sharp and contrasty again. I use the EF to Fuji X version, since you basically get multiple adapters in one with this one (M42, Pentax K etc. adapter rings — on EF — on Fuji X). Of course you could also use a Speedbooster, but for 3x the price…

  5. Bazzrt Author

    I have the cyclop h3t-1, which is basically the Helios 40-2 without adjustable aperture. So always at f1.5. I use it on a crop sensor Nikon though, so there's no infinity focus. Quite difficult to use but very fun

  6. Mali Davies Photography Author

    Superb vlog! I love old glass and the experiments and shots you got where excellent!! Super cool 😎 love this video Dude 👌 the shots you got with the Helios where wonderful. An authentic feel!!

  7. Karl Newholm Photography Author

    Thanks for the video Noe. I have the Helios 44-2 58. I don’t use it enough, so your video has inspired me to get in on my camera. Thanks again. Karl

  8. emdudic c Author

    Shooting with helios 44-2 on speedbooster on GH5.. Such a great combination for both video an photo.. for video you get small look like anamorphic and if you know how to shot with helios you got that beauty swirly bokeh :3 now looking for buying this lens a try to test with speedbooster and gh5


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