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Help your muscadines grow effectively

We’re at the LSU Hill Farm today and at
Dr. Kathryn Fontenot’s demonstration garden that she uses to teach student and teachers
about different fruits and vegetables. And these plants that she started in these
large containers here, they have them on an irrigation system, and they’re trellised
just so nicely. What’s important about muscadine or grape
production is in the first three years you want to concentrate on the roots. Now what I mean by that is, to have a good
foundation of a plant, you want the roots to establish themselves very well. A plant, once it goes into fruit production,
will end up putting all of its energy into producing fruit. But again, we want our roots to get established
in the first one, two and into the third year. So we want to make sure these are regularly
irrigated. If you’re not getting as much as an inch
of rain per week, you want to do supplemental irrigation as she’s done here, and again
when you see those fruit. I know it’s so tempting just to leave them
because you want to try them, but you need to remove that fruit. Remember, when you see any sorts of clusters
like this, you want to go ahead and remove it. The plant is going to focus all its energy
on the fruit, but we want to establish an excellent root foundation. For Get It Growing, I’m Heather Kirk-Ballard
with the LSU AgCenter.


  1. hearsay henderson Author

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