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Hemp Farming Basics – Growing Hemp In Ireland

okay this video is perfect for anyone
who wants to learn about hemp farming this is something that I’m massively
interested in and recently shot a video in regards to building a business around
hemp and I’ll link that video below so that you can go and check that out if
you want to see the first video in this series this is the second video and I
will be doing more videos as I begin to learn more and more about hemp but in
this video I’ll be sharing with you footage from when I went to visit a hemp
farmer his name is Ed Hanbridge and he’s based in County Wicklow in Ireland and I
went to meet him and he was really helpful, brought me out into one of their
fields that they’re cotan they’ve caught over 40 acres of hemp in 2019 and one of
their smaller fields hasn’t been caught yet the weather’s really bad but Edie
was good enough to bring out into the field show me the plants talk through the
different parts of the plant and this will be really helpful for you if you
were thinking about start business in the hemp industry and there is over
20,000 different products that can be made out of the hemp plant so it’s going
to affect most business owners as it begins to grow as the popularity of hemp
begins to grow and as government’s become less strict on the growing of
this plant but I’m just gonna show you the footage that I shot while visiting
ed Hambridge on his farm in County Wicklow this this is this is now we’re into
September now or the end of September like this needs to happen cause what
that is you’re in there’s where the see it is see because of the wet weather
sprout and this week no it has with that wet weather it’s just sitting there
there’s nowhere to go it’s not drying like even when it’s not rain there’s no
drying out their just going to sprout on the on the plant you look at that one
like it has you can see it’s starting to sprout on the plant itself that’s very
unusual so talk was true is this this is the
seed the round bits were seeing here yeah so you have your seed here young in
those heads and that’s that’s that’s where you get the little brack is the
little case in the heads in okay and then inside that Bracton is where your
seed is and like that’s that’s your that’s your good seed that’s seed their
fiber on the outside of the seed your impact and in the center of the seed and
you can see the green no one’s there yeah and you can see you can even see
where some of the mold mold you know like you’re looking at that mole now and
that’s all due to wet wet wet weather is is a killer on this test you need to be
sewn this early to get the see okay simple as that see there’s your males they would have
they would have forced and they they had the pollen sacks on Monday that the
pollen out then to fertilize the females so that she gets received sweaters have
occurred but in this dire like I’ve never seen that before where the scene
is actually sprouting on the on the plant itself I’ve never seen that that
is very unusual but it’s just it’s wait yeah yeah and then we’ll just walk over
to this point here yourself you can see this is where it’s all been closed
already okay now that those fibers come away
easy okay and that’s what you want okay that’s your shift down at the
inside okay but that’s that’s your reading so your reading is what breaks
down did lose that’s holding that fiber on so if I got a couple of dry days and
I dry out fairly quick okay and then you you send a hard enter to read the
quartic ages and then that’ll be can that’s your fiber and like that’s still
it’s still strong teach that’s office wrong do you know like in that freaking
way bring joy you know like once it’s like that like it’s it takes a favor
I told Ted and that’s why it was the rope was used close that the hemp was
one of the most resilient to saltwater oh that’s why they used it for the the
ropes at Reagan and the anchors and all that the nuts your ship inside
that’s your ship that’s what makes the hem crease it makes your hem create and
that’s what full of cellulose okay so that’s your that’s what you use for
ethanol that’s what you use for your bio plastics that’s what you use for your
your bedding your your increase that’s and that dries it dries very quick
because it’s hollow its hollow on the inside you know that it’s it’s whereas
with your cannabis plants and it’d be solid local whereas with the hemp it’s
hollow okay it’s hollow all the way true and that’s why it dries out so quick
okay but it’s it’s that Retton process that you need for your next step you
know whatever that next step is that it’s generally your d’accord cater and
that the coordinator then is able to strip the fiber away from that ship 650
euros it mainly for horse but man I can’t believe how strong the fiber Iver
is though and like you’ve all break yeah and then if you dry that out yeah that
gets stronger again okay it’s just that we’re in such a wet ladder you know if
those dry you a quick like you yeah laughter yeah so as you can see
from this video the farmer in the video ed Hambridge has an abundance of
knowledge about the hemp plant they’ve been growing it on their farm since 2015
and they do everything with this plant from so honest to cultivating it to
bringing it in to drying it out to create an end products out of it they
create oils out wash and other products and in the next video in this series
that’s what I’ll be showing you the next stage of this process when they actually
bring the hemp aid to dry and the oil that they have created out of it and
sell to customers I’ll be showing you all of that in the next video but what
I’ll do for now is leave Ed’s contact details below this video
because I’m sure that a lot of you will have different questions for it and yeah
just leave his contact details below so that you can reach out and contact him
about us also I will leave a link below to the first video in this series so if
you haven’t watched it it’s just about creating businesses around hemp why I am
learning a lot about hemp at the moment I am trying to learn as much as possible
about him and the possibilities of building businesses within the hemp in
industry in the future and I know that a few of you will be also interested in
this because it has such massive potential but hope that you’ve learned a
lot from this video I know that I have and I look forward to speaking to you on
the next video in this series speaks old


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