1. Eric Gonzalez

    AMAZING WORK!!! If you guys know any good Detail Shops in Kissimmee or Orlando Florida Area who do Ceramic Detail, please lmk =]

  2. Rober Genex

    Why did you use destiled water before applying the coating, this is needed for the modesta coating? Never seen anything like this

  3. Mr357 M.

    HELP NEEDED. I have your channel subscribed and I enjoy every AMG video. I have a 2005 S55 AMG with only 55 K miles on the clock. The thing is when the car is cold there is an abrupt shift from 1st to 2nd. I now realize that isn't from first to second, because even when I manually hold it in first gear the abrupt "shifting" happens anyway. It seems to me like the Torque converter lock up took place. When the engine and transmission oil are hot everything works perfectly. Any help will be welcome.

  4. Linus lindström

    lucky for you its not me you filmin. id slap you every time you cut me off. se if it takes more then 19:32 minutes for you to understand

  5. ms3er

    Looks great. Coatings and high spots aren't hard to remove though. They wouldn't have to "wet sand" it to remove it. I use Modesta and other coatings and they are indeed good but you don't have to wet sand them off. In terms of length of lasting, it really is over-rated as any daily driver, especially when driven in snow, is going to need to be re-polished after 1-2 years in order to remove road grime and to refresh the gloss level. Nothing is going to leave you for 5 let alone 10yrs without doing so. I guess you could but the build up of contaminants on the coating itself will still occur.

    Love the car and the outcome. Looks great!

  6. Convenient Detail

    Micro marring and Ceramic coating haze is present in the paint. You can see when he pans over the rear fender the haze and swirl from the coating or its DA haze. When the sun hits the panels just before the rear tail light you will see haze lines move in all directions. 3k that can look better


    "…do not burn my paint, please!" You're an unappreciative dick! I'm sure you're already getting a huge discount, if not 100% discount(read: FREE!), for the service as it is! The guy seems like he knows what he's doing! And in the highly unlikely event that he did burn through the paint, I'm sure they would take care of it. You owe the guy an apology for saying such a pointless thing!

  8. alex francis

    Pro: we typically work in a grid making 5 passes
    You: oh 5 passes? ok yeah 5 passes, got it i'll make 5 passes
    Pro: Ok go ahead…
    You: makes 9 passes

  9. Pankaj Ahuja

    A new paint job is definitely cheaper but it can depreciate the shit out of a car. If you could afford it, keep the original paint. It’s more valuable and it’s done better than any aftermarket paint job.


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