Here’s What Makes Measles So Dangerous

Measles is one of the most contagious diseases
known to man. In fact, if someone with measles coughs in
an elevator, 90% of the people who use that elevator after will catch the disease. Unless of course you’ve been vaccinated. Then you’ll be completely fine. This is the measles virus, it’s been around
for thousands of years and has been responsible for the deaths of millions of people. Now, on the surface, measles symptoms seem
fairly innocuous. But the real damage, the damage that can lead
to death, happens on a cellular level. Hi I’m Roberto Cattaneo. I’m a Doctor of Philosophy and Professor of
Molecular Biology at the Mayo Clinic. I’m studying the measles virus since about
35 years. Measles uses the trachea
as a trampoline. It is in the ideal position in the body to
get expelled and to get aerosolized dispersed in the air in small particles very efficiently. When someone with measles coughs or sneezes,
these droplets contain the measles virus, and because measles is a respiratory disease,
all someone needs to do is breathe in that infected air in order to contract measles. Unless, of course, they’ve been vaccinated. When the measles virus reaches the lungs,
it is met by a type of white blood cell called a macrophage. Usually, macrophages seek out and destroy
dangerous pathogens like viruses. But the measles virus tricks the macrophage
into not seeing it as a danger and instead, safely transports the virus into the body’s
lymph nodes. It’s here that the virus begins to replicate
and spread throughout the entire lymphatic system. Yea, I mean the macrophages thinks to have a
system in which they basically get rid of the virus and the virus is. And measles can stay there. So not only it is invisible but it begins
to make damage to these cells. The task of these cells is also to go out and fight infection, but instead of fighting infection, they go out with the virus and distribute it to the body. Now, as the virus starts to spread, it enters
immune cells that express a protein named SLAM. These cells are “memory” immune cells,
meaning that they remember other pathogens that previously infected the host. Measles attacks and kills these SLAM-expressing
memory cells and once those memories of past infections are erased, the body will be in
a much weaker position to fight off future infections This is why measles is so deadly. But even though the virus has tricked your
immune system to helping it, that doesn’t mean your immune system has given up. Well, at some point the immune system will notice
and will secrete cytokines and attract other immune cells. So at some point the enemy will be identified
and taken care of. But for the viruses in fact it is only necessary
to get out of the host and find a new host. So it’s in fact better not to kill the host. That’s right, it’s in the best interest
of the virus not to kill you, that’s some other diseases job. The job of the measles virus is to find a
new host, which brings us to another protein the virus expresses: nectin4. And we discovered nectin 4as the epithelial receptor
or host exit receptor for measles virus. As measles spreads throughout the body, it
also enters cells that express the protein nectin4. This protein is expressed very preferentially
in the trachea. And the more the virusit replicates in the trachea,
the more cells it kills there. This dead cell build up actually causes the
human host to cough or sneeze, helping spread it into a new human host, bringing us right
back to where we started. Now, the good news is that once you get the
measles, your body learns how to defeat it and you probably won’t get it again. This is similar to how the vaccine works,
but the difference is you’re given a weaker dose, so you can become immune without getting
sick or damaging your immune cells. So the vaccine causes the host to remain immune
to measles we think for life long or almost life long time. And without measles, other diseases, the ones
that actually do the killing, have gone down. Basically the number of hospitalization has
been reduced considerably sometimes to about half for several different infectious diseases. So, if you haven’t been vaccinated… Yea, the vaccine works beautifully. maybe think about it? Measles may be the enemy of the immune system,
but researchers, including Dr Cattaneo, are working on ways to alter the measles virus
so it kills cancer cells. For me, a reason to continue study measles
is to make it into a friend, making an old enemy into a new friend by modifying it genetically.


  1. Blakk Dwight Author

    This channel is officially a propaganda arm now!…. Pushing vaccines?! Why not just light people on fire or drive a stake through their heart? Today's vaccines are full of toxic poisons and chemicals that have NO PLACE in a human body! READ THE INSERT (IF THEY'LL EVEN GIVE IT TO YA). THE MMR KILLED MY DAUGHTER IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS!!!….. JUST DON'T!!

  2. Zarion 11 Author

    Measles can be deadly. And vaccines are so incredible succesful, people have forgotten how deadly measles can be. Hence the rise of anti-vaxxers. My god, these anti-vaxxers have autism already.

    Not that vaccines causes autism though.

  3. Zach Crawford Author

    If measles eliminates immune "memory" does it also sometimes eliminate allergies? I'm aware that even if it did eliminate allergies. It would be a really stupid and risky way to do so but I'm curious nonetheless.

  4. Colin Richdale Author

    Vaccines work for the most part, but saying you can't get infected if your vaccinated is just wrong. Also, sometimes, but very rarely, vaccines can cause serious problems. Some people have died from vaccines. But less then 0.1% of the time. Light side effect are more common.

  5. Rick White Author

    Everybody without the vaccine shouldn't be allowed to enter a plain and the passport should be redrawn!
    I guess that would keep trump at home. That idiot is spreading stupid conspiracies about vaccines.

  6. TheyCallMeNewb Author

    Host Julia years ago quipped "give the diseases diseases" with respect to an altered polio virus treatment for a brain tumour. Is Mayo the one looking to this?

  7. Robert Muldoon Author

    Yeah why bother with an immune system designed to combat and learn from certain exposures to viruses that has taken millions of years to evolve when you can be injected with questionable chemical cocktails designed and produced by Corporations that are Profit driven and have been proven time and time and time again to harm and even kill people yet face only minor penalties due their corrupting monetary influence on the Government 😉

  8. pixelspring Author

    Your initial statement , that measles has led to the deaths of millions of people is outright Blatant non factual Bullshit . This is supposed to be a fact based presentation, not a PR propaganda campaign for Merc and big pharma corps. .. millions of people used to contract the disease , resulting in little more than a few days of quarantine and without any lasting health issues whatsoever… I should know, I had the measles as a child and it really was very mild.. I've had worse flu viruses by far.. It has only been since Merc made a vaccine that they then pushed this fear porn into the public sphere… Its NOT fatal except in very VERY VERY rare cases … Perhaps with individuals with already compromised immunity.

  9. velcroman11 Author

    Any parent that stops a child from having a vaccine should have that child removed from them. They should then be charged with child abuse and child neglect.

  10. JTheory Author

    Didnt like the format. enjoy seeing the presenter. favoured hosts for seeker seem to be female. show more female presenters/jounalists

  11. K Dub Author

    @Mentos no small pox has been eradicated worldwide, not a single case since 1977 anywhere in entire world. And polio had 33 cases worldwide out of 7 billion people, you'll get struck by lightning several times before you ever get those diseases.

  12. Shanne Kirby Sta Maria Author

    But what if they developed the Anticancer measles but won't work because of the vaccines?
    Im not a retard antivaxxer. Just a skin that's all

  13. Apollyon6660 Author

    Isn’t there currently an outbreak in America? Very dangerous to modify the virus, it might evolve and become much worse. I wish you all the best, however I would suggest working with A.I. to modify the Virus.

  14. apricotcoconut Author

    GMO's are so good, if they can modify measles what can possibly go wrong! And everyone here is so right! Mandate vaccines, an idea so good it has to be mandated!

  15. Michael Folino Author

    All the people not getting their children vaccinated should be charged with child abuse and should have their children removed from their custody. If these parents manage to fly under the radar and plan on having grandkids one day they had better start teaching their kids about the "birds and the bees" when the kids are 7-8 years old so their child can have a baby by 12-14 because old age without vaccines is around 30-40. Ugh, whatever, just thin the god damn heard of these morons as they are not needed!

  16. Bad Monkey Author

    "If you haven't had the vaccine.. maybe think about".

    MAYBE?? Seriously?!

    No maybe about it. It's just about the most infectious disease known to humankind. If your child gets Measles because you didn't inoculate then when you could have its child abuse. Not just to your child, but then every single person who gets the disease because of them.

  17. Jennifer Isaacs Author

    Would anti vaxxers understand science of this? I guess that is like asking of flatearthers or those that believe space is fake to understand physics or math.

  18. arnuldo valez Author

    My brothers bad I got measles and chicken pox when child and we stayed in the house for a week until we were better. It wasn’t as bad as the media and vaccine companies say it is. I do not have any side effects from having the measles, I think vaccine companies make lots of money out of it and that’s the reason of scaring people

  19. Alaska 1429 Author

    1950: In the 2000s we will have flying cars

    Also 2019: The Earth is flat

  20. Make Racists Afraid Again Author

    Failing to fully Vaccinate kids is Child Abuse.
    No child has ever gotten Autism from a Vaccine.
    It has never happened.
    It doesn’t happen.
    It will never happen.
    Being religious is no excuse.
    Being uneducated is no excuse.
    Doctors actually know more than you do. Who are you going to believe, the entire scientific and medical communities or a handful of uneducated social media influencers who want to sell you something.
    Science doesn’t care what you believe and neither do microorganisms.
    Only Science matters.

  21. Claire Wheeler Author

    What happened to the shortened version of this video where it talks about the macrophage carrying the measles virus as it doesn't distinguish it as a foe? I was talking about dr bradstreets incredible work in helping over 600 children derive release from many of thier asd symptoms through helping the immune system see the virus for what it is.
    Some viruses and cancers use nagalase to hide the fact that thier cells are invaders by making the macrophage slow and a bit blind so they cant distinguish between a healthy and unhealthy cell. This stops them from destroying them. Many holistic doctors have researched this and I'm sorry to say that a fair few have died in nefarious circumstances. There is a question that the nagalase is going in to vaccines as those with autism and cancer have high levels of nagalase generally and it's not from birth. Therefore it is seen as possibly from inside the vaccines administered. Dr bradstreet was using gcmaf to wake the macrophage back up an extra 30% making them more efficient in eliminating mutant cells and alleviating symptoms.

  22. Claudio Rojas Author

    Incredible what the media can do!
    No everyone is panicking about a benign childhood illness?
    Follow the money!
    Merck got You all by the balls!

  23. Maelstrom Author

    STOP TALKING TO ME LIKE I AM AN ANTI VAXXER! ffs, anti vaxxers are going extinct already so please stop making these stupid allusions everyone is an anti vaxxer ffs

  24. Angl0sax0nknight Author

    This another reason to control our borders! How many of those Illegals carry deadly diseases!! When it comes to the so called anti-vaccine people is not so much using vaccines but the chemicals that are used IN the vaccines. Why doesn’t anyone ask why the government gave BIG PHARM protection from people that get vaccines! The government has been paying out millions in TAXPAYERS money to those that were injured by vaccines. All one has to do is search it. It’s one of those dark secrets the Feds doesn’t want the public to know. Also research should be looked into the bodies reaction in children with the high vaccines count at one time. It might not effect 90% of the children but that 10% shouldn’t be disregarded.

  25. River Song Author

    When they mentioned they were trying to use measles to fight cancer all I was thinking was I am legend and now I’m scared

  26. mike ross Author

    sure,.. has nothing to do with biologic warfare, or the toxic crap you call "food", or the straight up poison from the pharmacy.. yea its all from us anti vaxxers…. maybe detox yourselves and let your immune system get back to full strength.. fools..

  27. biiioya Author

    I am pro-vax. But it doesn't seem reasonable to tell at a person, "hey, you wouldn't have those problems if you had just done what I told you to do," then expect them to listen to your explanation. Good information, just doesn't seem effective to attack people from the get-go, when they already have a fearful emotion toward the idea of vaccinations.

  28. Jtzkb Author

    As I'm watching this, you keep assuming that people who have been vaccinated to not get measles. That is not accurate. Vaccines are highly effective, but they are not 100% effective. Even people who have been vaccinated can sometimes still get an uncontrolled infection.

  29. V I C T O R P A U L Author

    Sick playlist is awesome plz make more videos ….I am a medical student it's very helpful to me and for medical student …. thanks

  30. farfett_il-lejl Author

    "if you haven't been vaccinated, maybe think about it"
    WHAT? Maybe think about it?! You should be isolated (preferably in prison) if you haven't been vaccinated

  31. farfett_il-lejl Author

    That last sentence, the one about using the measles virus to fight cancer is probably one of the most exciting things I've heard in quite some time

  32. Jenni Author

    Before vaccinating, ask what the preservatives are in the vaccine. Did everyone know most of our vacations are manufactured in China now?
    Yes, immunization is important. But please research about how they are poisoning certain vaccines. The DTP and Hep B vaccine is made with using fetal and placental tissue. Now there is a high incidence of girls having seizures and neurological issues after getting the Gaurdasil (HPV) Vaccines. My 17 year old daughter did about 10 minutes after receiving the vaccine.

  33. SgtHydra Author

    Hilarious that this video implies that it is the intention of viruses like Measles to kill you. A virus has no intention or plan, least of all one to kill their host. Instead the virus just mucks around as it is programmed by its genes, and that mucking around does a lot of internal damage to the host. Some mucking around is more useful than other kinds, and thus evolution occurs. The most successful viruses 100% leave the host alive and infect the host on a yearly basis, aka the common cold.

  34. dancingnature Author

    I caught measles as a 5 year old . They didn’t have a vaccine then . I remember how sick it made me. Why would any parents voluntarily put their child through that! Smh!

  35. 404 Error Not Found Author

    The best way for a someone to handle an anti vaxer

    "Have you ever considered the fact that the Russians have spread propaganda to promote anti vaccination in an attempt to weaken the United States in preparation for invasion?"

    Just replace one conspiracy with another. If they are a Democrat add Trump to the sentence. If they are republican add Hillary to the sentence for extra effect.

  36. David Aspinall Author

    You also build an immunity by getting and defeating the virus – not only by vaccination.

    I am NOT advocating this as a means to develop immunity, just adding a fact that was omitted in this video.

  37. noybw333 Author

    So am I understanding this right? -measles isn’t actually deadly, is can just make your immune system temporarily weaker so other things can kill you?

  38. Boom Jonggol Author

    Measles: sneaks onto macrophage
    Other immune cells when they finally realize: (speaks to macrophage) you have become the very thing you swore to destroy

  39. Justin Burcaw Author

    I know you guys tend to avoid the political stuff, besides global warming (took 40 years for Earth to warm up by 1 ºC according to NASA), but we can thank California for the mess they just keep causing. For example, are you all aware that they are incubating the Bubonic Plague?

  40. Joshisbeans 420 Author

    Low key if you aren’t vaccinated your parents should be hung in front of whatever city hall y’all got and let there dumbass babies die off, world gots enough idiots we needa get ride of some tbh

  41. Tim Mulrine Author

    After vaccine "We THINK they will be immune for life"
    What do you THINK happens when aluminum/mercury is injected and passes the blood brain barrier.

  42. -4* Author

    Damn anti vaxxers are making thousands of outbreaks in fully vaccinated populations too.


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