‘Hey Bill Nye, Is There a Conspiracy to Cover Up Agricultural Climate Change?’ #TuesdaysWithBill


  1. Ali Ali

    This is embarrassing to see. a person that his ancestors who lead the world in science, liberty, justice, fairness of woman equality. Is now embarrassed to ask a scientific question?

  2. Erin Froehlich

    First – No, we're NOT seeing major media talk about animal agriculture's role in climate change. Second – You're not accounting for all the other impacts animal agriculture. Land and water use for both animals and their feed also need to be factored into the way we address animal agriculture's destructive nature.

  3. Tom Kelly

    I threw away my lawn mower and got 2 cows. Now they cut the grass and turn it into milk, meat and manure! I love my cows. I am so very glad that I never have to worry about the hormones or genetically modified foods getting into my beef, butter, cheese, yoghurt or milk!

    The apple orchard was completely overgrown but now it is so nice in there and the apples are so productive! After I collect and press the apple juice, the cows eat up all the pulp. My neighbor cuts the hay for means it is cheaper to feed my 2 cows each year then it is to feed my dog.

    The problem with agriculture friends is that humans like you forgot how to get your hands dirty! Quite leaving others the task of growing food for your family! You can do it too!

    I am surprised Bill that you failed to mention biogas digesters there. They capture the methane and turn it into home grown natural gas!

    Also who do you think should be the one to receive the carbon taxes? How will they will be collected? How will they be distributed? Who will be skimming the money of the top? Trump? Clinton? Some other corrupt politician?

    Why not just leave the money in the hands of the people in the first place and then we the people and use our own money to invest in our own solar panels, organic foods, etc.

  4. Travelling Wilbury

    Bill nye is missing the point. Agriculture is a major player in climat change.

  5. mark Tanner

    It's all well and good to 'think very hard' about climate change produced by animal agriculture, but where in this deep thinking do you realise that we should just not do it? Continuing animal ag is like continuing coal energy. Sure it can be done in better ways, but it's soooo much better to just not do it. Eat plants, stop needlessly killing animals and our environment, and live vegan <3

  6. Andi Collins

    How would it be fair to take dairy and meat cows the same? – 71% of methane comes from the meat industry and only 6-7% from agriculture like dairy production. Also this would impact small farmers who depend on what income they can get as opposed to industrial agriculture which is more likely to be able to handle the cost of a methane tax.

  7. Jordan Lee

    You should all watch a documentary called “Cowspiracy” a little know journalist open a lot of doors and sheds a lot of light on how the agriculture industry in accordance with the EPA want to very little about The agriculture industry being the number one pollutant on our planet. It’s very clear that the fossil feels industry has been a scapegoat for very long time

  8. Shahul Usman

    Your hybrid car isn't enough.. Eat less meat or none at all… Offset your carbon and see your carbon footprint… .. For me it's almost $20 a month.

  9. Stephen Malcik

    Why don't we eliminate 4 billion humans? That would help for a little while. Then we could work on a solution with less pressure and influence.

  10. Peter Smafield

    What about all the methane from people farts after all the 7.3 billion people farting all the time. We could just murder about 6 Billion people from those other countries in the world.

  11. AZ.K

    Batman? More like a 40 year old virgin living in his moms basement wearing a homemade Batman Mask that he made from his mother’s panties. And that voice. Wtf

  12. Drake Koefoed

    The carbon in grass is cellulose, which is like wood or paper. If a cow eats grass or hay, then some of the carbon comes out as CO2. Suppose you got rid of the cow, and left the land bare. Actually, nature ran buffalo on the grassland, so that would be a bigger change than raising beef. But if you did fallow the ground, the grass would dry, the rain would wet it, and it would flop on the ground to be eaten by bugs, worms, bacteria, etc, and some of the carbon would come out as CO2.

  13. r0bw00d

    I had to remove my earbuds after three sentences because of the awful voice the guy used, and then he took forever to go away! What the hell was he asking that you gave him so much screen time for?

  14. Arcadio Munoz

    Giving the cows drugs to reduce burping is a cute solution to the environmental impact of the meat industry. Way to think big.
    Specially since it completely ignores the problem of trillions of tons of poo that keeps being pumped into rivers and oceans.
    And it ignores the fact that it takes 50000L of clean drinking water and 100kg of food to produce 1kg of beef. Not to mention the amount of land and energy used. It's not even sustainable now with our current population.

  15. firelord gameing

    That is a good idea however a lot of farmers live on very little money, so it would be a huge blow to their finances and lives.

  16. benedictify

    That "Fee" – while I agree it's a very good idea from the point of view of the health of the environment – would never ever get past the agricultural lobby.

    In practical terms we need to give businesses an easy alternative to make their money from that isn't damaging to the environment. Then we can tax-oops, not tax – greenhouse gas production.


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