Hi Lift / Farm Jack, Any Good ?

hi guys he’s a left Jack’s a farm jockey
are they any good in this video I put through some tests
I’m gonna find out it’s a bit like a Swiss Army knife in the garden along the
farm it’s got many uses I reckon is I lift jacks or farm jack and one of the
most versatile tools that you can have if you’re a farmer landscaper gardener
small old or anything like that this is definitely to a few if you’ve got to
take some me with the ground or pole something your clamps tough you’ll
spread stuff apart it’s just such an Andy bit of kit
and we go through some of the features here today now I’ll show you some of the
I’ll try to cover all the different aspects of it in action pulling our
posts we pull out three stumps this model is a Sealy model number f j6 t v–
for 2.5 ton but some of them greater Matt 3 ton it’s the 1500 millimeter
version or a 60-inch version this is to be honest they were paid over the odds
for it I paid under powerful are these I left Jack’s of this type come in two
sizes 1200 millimeter which was 48 inches which is a smaller one
why went for this one which is the 1500 millimeter a 60-inch one and the 48 inch
one on Ebates were 40 pound and I reckon it’s exactly same thing as this so
alright you slightly less down which is nothing two inches down actually a bit
like to the carry round so Anna care when I’m as well but along the forty
pound mark so you can see they’re a bargain they cheap I go through some of
the features with her no I don’t recommend leaving the stand up by
himself like actually fell on you you definitely know it you have to treat it
with respect and remember that they can you so if you
know people get hit by these with the handles coming back up and and catch in
your face so must one thing to remember this area set up controls
but other reason as well you could do with these is for moving logs and
cutting trees or anything well mass in the down position in the up
position then what’s today’s position seen anything with this one which I
don’t know is right if he’s right they’re gonna click it all the way up so
what the angle is touching the bar and it was late at all that’s got touch day before the bottom pin cook that’s the
locking pin the bottom one claims up like a monkey on a chains you call the
old-fashioned fence ones lowered it at the moment that’s in the raised position
click on your foot one who passed you anything so remember I if you go wait on
here put my foot on it now what will Jaco bear front the truck the JCB and
show you’re coming back down just a fall fund and you might not like I said keep your head out of the
line of the angle exhaust what could flick up change the amount of teeth you
go was just something I couldn’t lift without the really so would you get in
hand anything see what I mean let’s lower it down lots of pressure now
so should be safe enough to come down keep it out from underneath and if
something happened then a star acquire control just leave the annual go let it
drop to the floor you wouldn’t want to work under this well to be in safely
chopped or propped I’ll show your tractor to jack up the front – there you
go now so stay from being there stay from directly behind there in case
something happened okay pull out down with force
walk your nyet so I’ve seen two videos on anything really will just fall over very
dangerous see it standing all that way no I see anything a lot of side wobble
to it it’s awfully neat they said be careful
with it whenever using a because it’s got a tendency to fall from side to side
so we chalked up in the middle well I wouldn’t even do I especially
don’t walk under all Donuts up late anyway just about the jock last on it’s
off the floor change our wheel that was like seconds to jack up tilt away case
something happened like three pumps I said you know all a four by four boys
will add these for use anyway I’m just showing over a ton of this further
things not just jacking but I will get the attachment
this the winch bumper long tube to touches today goes to me you could
actually go into the I suppose on the one side will top with a showing the
lifting it’s about just give you an ideally will lift or Jack a lot of stuff
more different vehicles whatever whitens or equipment to
implements logs you name it to this lift a but it was imposed to pull out now so
I don’t do our now without this to I think it’d be really hard to get him out
you have to dig l have a lot of on them I doing is no way of physically pulled
on by hand it’s what I do don’t do it double this I use little slop long day quite tight
another stop Sam and small what stops double ours well good fight good tight let’s do something stay off the concrete pullout you’re gonna really click it up
I did a flashlight I’m not too impressed a lot I think you should kick against
the bar we’ll have a forward lean to it a bus to touch him on mouth I should pull out oh wow whatever you do we can play your head
above the bar because I could flick up and take a few teeth out she’ll take that little team dug into there’s lots of ways of touching this but it could put a D they I would like
to just be on the one part just quite thin belay so that’s why I don’t like is
put I want might be pulling on the one part they doing for the tea just on the come off all
right send the other side so as you’ve seen in the portion in your noodle shops
with a bit of a chain and a few little T’s you said you can get all the fancy
extras which mostly they will get them in the future well I’ll do it
it was good lots of stops around and scraps tops so like I say you imagine
that tractors stuck now well and truly something like that and you want to pull
a or poultry or pull anything want something to lean the other way to cut
in the tree anything just pull it offense to tighten if you want to
tighten the fence up by lock fence livestock net in anything this will Poli
I know there’s no resistance but I’m showing you pretty much just connecting
up as a winch or Paula see if he wants to flop over wants to go
down hello the god gas is not really easy at
all it still get you out of trouble if I was
stuck and that’s all you are with you it definitely goes in like this fall
underneath that should have been this side no be more sense see what happens that’s not like good it’s still
something still don’t change my opinion is still the most versatile to us yeah
so that’s a bit of a floor they that oppose your jacket on the opposite side
from where’s pulling and it wants to pull you all the time it wants to be all
the time but the under underneath so I do mean like huh that’s the only thing I
said he would decay out of trouble they would poll but not about people
advertising these so doing videos and he’s pulling like winching stuff or Ford
as well I just find that odd it wouldn’t be my first choice
like who a tougher a winch puller it’s just a polar would be better on this but
as a versatile all loaned I guess like I’m gonna say it would still do a an
emergency guessing when I sold in it bill
and that’d be easy it again then this one’s a bit more realistic and took up
the way along tell you strong vanilla not gonna pull no fresh
ones out say everything got his limits without brilliant versatile tool I’d say
but you would not gonna get trees out when they life without digging yellow to
him first right they are so bit of a fail I’m pollen pulling stuff so awkward
a lot of I know a lot of guys would be like choked in down at the computer or
shut another screen that save them in the woods got him out with a 4×4 they
were stuck well yeah I understand that it would go out so it would work it
would pull you out but I found it very awkward to the ground
I know it’s just being petty because if he stuck anything that’s gonna pull you
out it’s better than being stuck so yes he will pull stuff I’m used to terrifies
and I find them a lot better I pull in but then is what I he has a lot more
cable a lot of wire you akari so understand that this one tool will de
way so I can lock if Allah except it was awkward position to drop the handle to
the ground that’s the only thing I’d I’d say if you’ve got someone who old 12
pill different then told you the front I know I had a fail
I’m Poland trying apologies I knew ask you know anyway – one – honest though I
didn’t expect it to cuz trees I decided to get out the roots last long anything
would bloody struggle gonna still so still don’t affect it at all my decision
at brilliant better ket to pull him posts like I said to Jackie and so many
Jack retractor you see you all so fast I Jack anything like that if you want to
move some ink or logs you’ve got a tree is jammed or come down anything if you
saw in something anyone tight on the so if you had this we could grab this quite
quick who had no other way again they you could pull something up or lift up
less so I really recommend getting one of these like I said it was the fail on
pulling live trees which I expect you anyway
it will pull trees out no problem at all but you’re gonna take growing roots and
really get it go in and pull em out no problem
but I said for fence posts brilliant any course in the ground four by fours they
get any you know things like ah I suppose bigger stuff you’d have to dig
out a little bit to give it a chance to work to get it go in for lifting
fantastic I said gotta be careful with it because
it will smack you in the face or a stew on the eighth if you’re not careful but
I’d look for the the ones on eBay be honest though for forty quid for the
twelve hundred mil or the 48 inch version how cheap bizarre as a bargain
and I believe that they’re the same they’re just exactly same you look at
them they all made my same factory I reckon is identical in every way so like
I said I paid over the odds for this this is the 60 inch version the 50
hundred mil 100 pound Blas a CD one like I said there’s just Sealy put my name
when I’m Draper I think we all the same change the color of a and they stick L
of a lot of price on it straight off the net like Amazon eBay if I can find out
put a link below so you can click on there anything going gather man
like I said they cheap I’ll put the two different lens on me I’ll to the friend
the two links for the two sizes like I left is I’d say is the best American I
left I think the American but like I said these will do the job but like I
said for the price what a bargain especially on the 44 mark if it is this
quality which I truly believe you look at them and you see there’s no
difference look very really close is just Celia putting their name on I
can apply sup like so well worth a I recommend getting one we are believer
they please I subscribe thanks for watching


  1. Paul Paul Author

    2X 5 foot 2 by 4 bits of, wood drill hole a top , half inch thick 12 inch bolt

    for small 12 inch stumps I use a tripod .makes life a little bit more pleasant , the jack will not pull forward so much and all the pressure is taken up the the legs of tripod, it’s a bit fiddly but you become hands free so to speak .great video ,like the extra bolts for horizontal pulling never thought of that have a great week .

  2. PHANTOM Author

    My back was so grateful when i got a farm jack 😂 hope your doing well Calvin? farm is coming along great 👍🚜🚜🚜

  3. bobbelsekwol Author

    Such a great bit of kit bit has to be modified with two 3x3x60 wood legs so it becomes a tripod. When pulling out tree stumps or posts the base tends to sit on what your pulling out. It's like lifting yourself up in a bucket! Got mine from Charlies in Queensferry Wales. Brilliant video mate. Some great tips.

  4. j t Author

    Wow, excellent informational video. I'm definitely getting one of these farm jacks, very handy piece of equipment. I pulled 20 fence posts using shovel, pick axe & crow bar. Didn't i suffer, back breaking work. Wish i had known about the farm jack. Better late than never. Thankyou for sharing. 👍🏻👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. Regards from 🇦🇺 .

  5. barlow2976 Author

    Thanks for this Calvin, I bought one a while back and have yet to use it in anger. I've got a gate post on the farm needs pulling. It's been drilled into rock below so I'm hoping it has the power. Useful safety advice, seen a lot of dangerous practice on other vids.


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