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Hi-tech crop monitoring stations

Leighton Wilksch from AgByte on behalf of
NSS, looking at the high-tech monitoring stations. A number of weather stations we’ve set up with the Hart Farming Systems Group, Mid North High Rainfall Zone Group, Upper North Farming Systems and here at the NSS site north of Bute. Standard weather
station with temperature, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, but then we’ve also
added some other high-tech sensors on there as well so you can see the 10
metre tower behind there, so that has a temp/humidity sensor up at 10 meters and
we’re also monitoring canopy temperature as well as NDVI to look at the
vegetative index of the crop. The pretty exciting thing to come out of these with
the 10 metre tower is looking at the temperature inversions which have a big
impact on spray drift, so those still mornings we might get these temperature
inversions which can then take those small droplets that are sprayed out
behind the sprayer and drift them for quite significant distances, and the fire
danger index is being used by a local champion to send out sms’s to growers to
alert them of the fire danger index on high-risk days.

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