1. CVitale

    For those worried about tool wear… these tools act like grinding wheels. As the surface wears it will expose fresh ceramic. They are supposed to look that.

  2. Максим Шапшалов

    Аfter a little work cutting edges are destroyed. Disposable milling cutter for many hundreds of euros. Dear, don't you think that this is too much bad?

  3. OriginMultislayer

    Am i the only one who is s not impressed at all by these ceramic tools? I could do the job pretty much as fast with carbide tools and i bet they would not be as damaged as this ceramic end mill.

  4. Shawn Cooke

    Cutting edge was a bit hammered after the cut. Noticeable notch wear. Impressive cutting but how much longer could the tool hold up before catastrophic failure?


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