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Holy Hogwarts: ’Harry Potter’ election signs magically crop up on Ontario street

One residential Ontario street resembled Diagon Alley more than Canada.  Earlier this week, humorous “Harry Potter”-themed election signs began popping up on one London, Ontario, street, including ones for Hermione Granger and Lord Voldemort Advertisement  “There is no good and evil,” reads one placating touting He Who Must Not Be Named, who’s repping the fictional Ontario Death Eaters “There is only power and those too weak to seek it.”  The genuine-looking signboards come in an array of colors and fonts with artistic elements They appeared just days before Canada’s Oct. 21 federal election, which will elect members of the House of Commons for the national parliament  One sign, ginning up support for none other than the title wizard himself, reads the slogan: “Let’s make magic happen for Ontario,” under the banner of the Gryffindor house  When asked about the signs that appeared in front of his house this week, Wes Kinghorn cheekily quipped to CTV News, “Let’s just say they magically appear and disappear, only on our street!”  It turns out Kinghorn, a soon-to-be geography professor at Western University, is the mastermind behind the mirthful posters He claims to have been inspired years ago by farcical election signs rallying for “Star Wars” villain Darth Vader  “I thought that was so clever, so I thought, ‘What if we used a universe where you could have some competing people,’” Kinghorn explained An image of a fierce-looking Hermione (Emma Watson) “running for election” under the Dumbledore’s Army Party is another one of the placards, as is one for Dark Arts professor Remis Lupin  Kinghorn stated each night he takes the custom-made signs off the lawns to prevent then from being swiped by thieves  As for a potential Hogwarts victor? Kinghorn refuses to prognosticate, but his wife is backing Hermione to win in “a landslide ”

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