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morning everybody it's Saturday David for Mother's Day this is a little quick update here I've been flying out here lately that I've got too many fish in my system I've got a thousand fish in there and it's just it's just overwhelming overloading the filters time to get some of them out of there so I'm taking a hundred hundred fish out of here this weekend they're there wait a mall or averaging just a little over a pound can't really complain too much about that I put them in here January 1st so that just makes them 5 and a half months old so that's not bad the interesting to see how much they weigh come September I've got the but I put an ad on Craigslist I've got the 350 pounds of soul here somewhere around June first guys want them for stocking their phones for to clean up the algae and uh clean the grasses and stuff like that so there's there several of them that are are going to try them on their ponds this year we're just waiting for the water temperature will warm up a little bit other than that everything is working pretty good that really made any major modifications this time around take you out here and show you the greenhouse it's it's all covered up now a plastic all over the greenhouse found to set a big double doors to stick in the front of it put the vents up top on each end of the gable end that the just pull open with the rent with a rope put the roll-up sides on the bottom that pipe runs all along the bottom there there's a crank on the other end just turn the crank and the plastic rolls up the sides put that on on both ends got the how does some my son he made some homemade strawberry towers here I'm gonna try some strawberries growing the fish water he's got got strawberries coming pretty good they're just about in there I know he's had him in there about three weeks now there's even one bloom in here somewhere I saw it yesterday afternoon now we'll just have to wait oh they're all blooming I guess and oh there's one here somewhere blooming anyway he's he's also got some cucumbers cumin and some peppers and I don't know if he's going to made it started yet or not but were also we've also set up the two four inch pipes that we had made in the fish room and looks like he's also got some strawberries going on that got the wolffish water circulating through there they're able to pump circulating the water to their and son is also got the idea he wants to try some bees so I don't know and you can see the white boxes down there in the corner he he just put about 30,000 honeybees in there yesterday so hopefully have some bees pollinate in the greenhouse this year so other than that I think it's that's about it there's the crank to the for the roll up side curtains well that's all for now we'll see you next time thanks for watching


  1. gman73

    Very good video just subbed,Im in Australia so Tilapia is illegal to keep here but I wish that I could keep them but instead we have jade perch which takes 18 months to get that big.

  2. Dizzy Williams

    good setup,,i would bleed the fish to kill them as it is the only way to have un-stained flesh,,i'm an ex pro fisherman ,,,just sayin,,,5.5 mnths !!!you legend ! nice fish ,,they are a baaad weed here in Australia,,but,,num,num,num,, love the vert strawbs too!

  3. myownruin187

    Can you run your power usage off solar panels if you ever had to? 😉for shtf as an example, thank you.. great set up thanks for sharing.. 👍👍

  4. Shau78

    Hello Sir, thanks for this great video. Kindly please let me know how much the whole system (raising 1,000 fish) would cost in US$. I would like to ask you a couple of other questions. Kindly please share your email address. Thanks

  5. Mas Hawe

    interesting points ,if anyone else wants to learn about aquaponics at home try Morundan Total Aquaponics Mastery (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got amazing success with it.

  6. tim jones

    You forgot one thing, it is illegal to release foreign species in U.S. waters. even ponds, and your suppose to have a license to breed them commercially

  7. matthew lopez

    How much from start to finish did this DIY cost? Do you have a website with referenced materials needed for purchase or blue print plans?? Get back to me please..

  8. Heil Family Garden

    Nice setup. We just drained our pond and took out all of our tilapia. Fillet most of them but kept a few as a breeder colony indoors. How many pounds were those fish laying on the table?

  9. Tech Babe

    Do you guys offer consulting services?  I'd pay to have my greenhouse and Aquaculture system set up along with keeping bees on my property.

  10. ali altamim

    مرحبآ صديقي كيف السمكة هذا جيد جدآ ممتاز السماك صغيرة كم يوم تكبير السماك ماذا سمكة كم يوم تكبر

  11. Soh Wee Kian

    Excellent self sustaining aquaculture and greenhouse farming! This idea is really genius! However, did you made a calculation for the effort for setting it up? Plus continuous power sustaining cost for the pumps and heaters? Have you made some calculations to see if this setup is producing the fishes / fruits and vegetables lower than market pricing? This setup is really genius! 


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