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homemade drip irrigation system – For pots. Australia

Making a above ground drip irrigation system for pots with Bunnings bits and pieces. What you need is all here and i got it all at Bunnings Hose to connect to your system. I bought this which was $$ but can use your own. Pipe think is is 13mm just like the hose 4mm (not 3mm) connecting tubing ($5) double ended screw in adaptors packet is a few $ for all of them. Need one per sprinker head. Veri- flow trickers. Can change the flow rate individual or packs of 10 – 20. not very expensive “filter thingo” technical term. 13mm one. it was about $5 punch tool you NEED THIS … Don’t think you can get away without it. clamps come in a packet of 10 or so… need 6 or so. END cap… i show you this later to go on the other end of the black pipe to stop water flowing straight through the pipe and out Very Elegantly draped hose from the porch Hose connected to small off cut of the 13mm pipe, then onto the filter (clamped each side with the clamps) Then connect bottom of filter (with a clamp ) to the main irrigation pipe that you punch the holes into i used some silicone on a couple of tiny drips but as i was bending over the fence with a spray gun it was a BIG mess. But works… 1. Use tool to poke hole. Put in the double end adapter with the other end attached to the 4mm pipe. attached the green sprinkler bit to the other end. Hiding in the plants. Weighted down with stones. You could use a U clip or something to peg it in too… Just poke as many holes and add the sprinkler bits in the places you need. Watch your pressure though to make sure its not too many for the system I just turn on when hanging washing out and leave for two mins and that is PLENTY in winter. could also put on a time (i have one just don’t use it) this is super easy to use… little water wastage, Direct to plants. No overhead watering (good for plants that don’t like wet leaves.) Sorry a bit quiet there… but will mulch the tops of these plants again in Summer. self watering pots mean the water doesn’t wash straight through either. ACTUALLY MAKING ONE… use tool to punch hole… careful not to go all way to back of pipe. Watch your fingers push your double adapter thingo in using the other side of tool to screw it in careful not to go too far… but not enough and it will leak. Needs some force perfect!! can add glue or silicone to connectors… don’t block adaptor though… cut length of 4mm pipe and connect the screw in sprinkler. (do this before adding to the hose i suggest…) variable flow is great for heavy watering plants or bigger pots all screwed into the pipe… make holes and add the sprinklers at the intervals that YOU need. so some can be closer and some further apart. END CAP think i left this out at the beginning. its like 90c The fun bit… connecting your system to the garden hose… force the filter into the black hosing… tricky… might need a strong arm… i managed…. eventually don’t forget the clamp. need small piece of off cut of the black pipe. to connect between the filter and the hose. each bit needs a clamp thingo tubing doesn’t bend well so make sure your hose is doing the bending. They just sit in or are weighted down… This really only takes 1-2 mins to water all these pots… its amazing!!! PRICES depending on length. 10 -20 for pipe. hose i got a better than $10 one… All the bits were under $10 a packet…. and the 4mm tubing was $5 though i have used 1.5 packs on this garden the green heads come in small and larger packs. 5- $15 ish fairly cheep … (not as cheep as hand watering i know) but it is water efficient though as well) and i can water while i hang the washing and mind the baby. THE END

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