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Hoop House Construction, Part 1 of 3: Types of Hoop House Structures

All right let’s look at these models
We’ve already talked about the Quonset house The limitations of it
It’s an arch, folks, the strongest structure It just is
But there are some limitations with the, uh, What you can do close to the side of the house
Any structures, in my opinion, of less than 20 feet in diameter
They’re just too, um Offer too much obstruction
When you try to work close to the house 20 foot and beyond?
I mean, I still like these Quonset houses But to get a little bit more room
Think about these straight wall houses Gives you a little more shoulder room ,headroom
This is the house that we mentioned earlier — this bowed structure
The arched hoop house It does give you alittle bit more shoulder
room You notice it bows out a little bit — about
a foot This is a 20-foot model
If you’re looking for, again, heat, a way to dissipate heat
Build them tall I think Lewis talked about that
Build the houses high And then utilize that flue effect
This is on the leeward side You always want to put that third vent on the
leeward side If you make a triple-vent house
Let the wind blow in from the opposite side of the house
And ventilate that house Ridge vent? This is the most efficient method
But, again, how are you you maintain that vent? Boy, trying to get up there and put that on
and then repair it It’s a little bit difficult
The Gothic … If you’re in a snowy area, yeah, do this
We don’t see a lot those here, for obvious reasons
One thing about these structures, though The film will flop and … flap, I should say
Because it’s hard to get something tight against the flat surface
If it’s curved you can set plastic down around it, right?
So, a lot of these guys will use the tape Or any type of a rope or strap
To keep that from flapping in the wind These field scale tunnels…
Guys, these were made originally to be taken down
They were not a full-year structure These posts have augured tips on them
They’re actually augured into the ground You hook the hoops to them and put the plastic
on After the crops finish, you take the plastic off
Take the structure out of the field and move it But, you know, it takes work
So people were trying to use these as full season structures
And they’re cheaper There’s not as much steel
And they do blow down This is our structure here
But this one didn’t last for us And it was simply when we were trying to cut
our costs See how it worked?
Well, this is not acceptable Now, a lot of the people who make these …
Manufacture these types of houses Have strengthened their end walls
That they are attached to And they’ve also increased in number of purlins
they put in them But still I think you need to be careful where
you put these Some of the portable models …
This is a lift and tote This is actually an Ohio structure that we saw
on a tour You notice the cross members
It’s designed to be picked up and moved off of the site
Now, you don’t do this on a windy day But, you know, when it’s still
And you’re growing crops in there that are ….
Like, lettuces, leafy greens, strawberries No problem
You can lift it a few feet and move it Frontwards, backwards, sideways
You just needed some help They’re not that heavy
But you do need help And he’s spaced these about every 12 feet
So, you know … One person can handle a 12-foot section on
a calm day This is a roller mounted …
This was the same house that Dr. Jett showed This is actually the same field day
There at Penn State The ??? house …
Again,very important to have a level structure If you wanna keep the rollers on the ground
A level site … I’ve seen them pop off their pipe track
Thank you, thank you very much But, hey
If you’re willing to take the time to anchor them properly
And you know the restrictions, like on any structure
They can be successful We don’t have that many of them inOklahoma,
as of yet, that I know of There’s a skid-mounted type
This is a University of Arkansas, um, tunnel Needs to be a little thicker steel, right?
So that they don’t bend on you And, again,
It’s curved up like that so they don’t get stuck in the ground
When you’re trying to move them Some kind of a wench …
Some type of a … You know
People hook tractors to them — move them But these have their limitations too
Don’t try to move too fast over undulating ground
And take your time The hybrid structures are a combination of
a permanent base With removable hoops
This is our poly pipe house Hanley…Todd Hanley
Actually, this is Steve Hill’s house,but it’s Hanley design
This is a square tubing and it’s a similar type thing
You can remove the hoops quick You leave the ground post in the ground
In this case it’s just a piece of rebar that’s holding it down
But, fairly easy up and easy down


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