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Horizon Europe, a gateway to ensure a competitive future for agriculture and forestry

My name is Daniele Rossi and I am a farmer. I live in Todi, in Umbria, in the green heart of central Italy. Today I have a message for you as Chairman of the Working Party on Research and Innovation. Our Copa-Cogeca Working Party deals with Horizon Europe, the new EU programme for research and innovation. This is an attractive programme, because it allows farmers to play a more important role – especially considering the 10 billion euro envelope for the agri-food and forestry sectors. It is an extremely appealing project, but farmers need to be at its very heart. They need to be involved in designing and defining the projects from the very start, and to be able to impose their choices on the future of the agri-food sector. This will be even more important with a view to the new European Parliament the new European Commission and every other new platform where our role for the future will be discussed. Copa-Cogeca will have to coordinate our interaction with this whole new setting and give a voice to the farming sector, which has high expectations in terms of research and innovation. Think about climate change or precision farming! Think about a world without pesticides or plastic! It is a completely new world, in which farmers want to be in the driver’s seat. Good luck!

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