How advances in genetics are helping increase farmers’ wheat yields

the size of the grain are what we call
negative regulators so in another way their molecular breaks that stopped the
grain from growing so in other species that have very simple they have one copy
you have a great you stop it if you can take that gene out the grain gets much
bigger and we’d have three copies of those brakes so take having three breaks
on the same time you take one off and this great still will get a certain size
but will still be broken up by this these molecular brakes are stopping it
from growing too big so now the question is that this is the five percent that
we’re seeing when you have three breaks on or two brakes on and now the
fascinating question is what happens if we start taking two breaks off or more
important once you take all the breaks off will we see variation thirty or forty
percent like we see another our species are simple and we will get
that variation and incredibly declaration has never been subject to
natural selection or to breeders no one has seen that variation and for the
first time will be able to see a variation the field this year so it gets
really exciting because now we’ll be able to test that hypothesis if we take
all the breaks off what will happen to it how much can we actually increase the
weed plant

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