1. Curtis Grantham Author

    what if we could pump sea water into the desert, we could build algae rivers and lakes. and there would be lots of evaporated fresh water in the atmosphere. you could go huge to start with.

  2. ViperFinn Author

    Nice idea but a misuse of time and effort, we should be finding different power sources not different ways of making the same fuels. Better to be electric and have solar/wind. But better than nothing.

  3. B. Alvn Author

    Bluegreen algae such as spirulina is about the closest thing to a perfect food that there is..the only thing the body needs that is doesn't provide is vitamin C…you could live on it..in fact I did for about a week once and never felt better. if you are an athelete it gives you incredible stamina as well. it is also good for the skin, eyes, and i'm going to guess pretty much every other part of the body…a true superfood if there ever was one, and it is produced so cheaply (at least in China) that people use it as fish and animal food, even. this is the future and the way to feed (and judging from this video) also power the planet.

  4. Ben Author

    Interesting technology, but using the CO2 from fossil fuel power plants to grow it doesn't negate the effects of burning fossil fuels. The algae will absorb C02 to make their hydrocarbons and trap it, but then when you burn these or feed them to animals/people who digest them and exhale C02, the carbon is going in to the atmosphere as CO2. More complex route – but it gets in to the atmosphere eventually.

  5. The Growing Lobby Author

    Please faster we need this tomorrow our air quality depends on cleaner energy and we need smart people leading us not people with millions of bucks to pay someone else with millions of bucks who wants to pay the crack dealer in new mexico to give us advice to move into the future.

  6. Christopher Ditch Author

    And what's wrong with sugar cane and corn for the exact same purpose? It looks like this process uses a lot more energy and if one pond gets contaminated with a disease you can't fix it like you would a patch of corn or sugar cane. This is stupid. One pond gets contaminated and all that product gone.

  7. Muhammad Najmi Author

    Well , one of the products of Algae Biofuel that i liked is called "Biogasoline" . Which can be used in ICE cars without Flex Engine / Special Engine ……

  8. Jammy Jackson Author

    If you want to stop poverty
    And save the world it's easy
    Especially in the 3rd world
    Country's .
    Just look at China one child
    Police. China is now no 1 In the world's

  9. Zarrin Vuckovic Author

    Why isn’t this a more prominent news item on nightly discussions of global warming, hunger, need for fuel, economics etc? This should be tag teaming with solar and wind and hydro electric to clean this planet up!

  10. MrMedukneusha Author

    Let me guess, all it would take is billions of taxpayer money to this company and nutjob climate-change causes.
    This is propaganda

  11. Taehyung’s Tribute Author

    I can’t beleive this had been here since 2016 and it’s 2018 and this still isn’t the big thing taking over the World

  12. Jay Flippen Author

    And once there is enough people to put forth the hours to create some sort of powerful enough technology to extract the CO2 and other pollutants- and there is enough resources to make the algae- I'll considerate it a fuel that we could keep on using indefinitely…………. But nope! This is however fascinating. I'm not saying its nearly as bad as fracking the landscape barren. You can see that ish on satellite imagery of earth all over the place. I'm just don't fancy combustion forces nearly as much as electromagnetism. It's a much more refined reaction- just like LEDs compared with your average hot and inefficient incandescent light bulb.

  13. Victor White Author

    go to caribbean and collect unlimited amount of seaweeds on beaches instead of growing something that we have more than we need on the planet , stupid idiot

  14. Skoda130 Author

    Nice that this is on a channel called "stories", since that's what algae fuels will remain. It hes been researched and investigated for decades, yet they still haven't reached a positive energy balance.

  15. Władca Wymiaru Author

    Shame they pushing "global warming" when CVO2 made Earth more green:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8S_-ufAl7A – Earth become greener!
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-nsU_DaIZE – Explanation!

  16. Rick Buitendijk Author

    Regular diesel sells at €1,80 a liter here in Europe! Keep cutting the production cost and you will eventually make a profit from it.

  17. Zeljko Serdar Author

    This is one of the first teams in the world to go all the way from designing sustainable biofuel feedstocks in outdoor ponds, to refining fuel so that it runs a diesel engine in a cleaner, more environmentally friendly way.

  18. The Auto Channel Author

    All internal combustion engines can safely and economically use E15, regardless of age. This is proven by Brazil's decades long use of E15, E25, and now E27. They have the same engines as those available in the U.S.

    In addition, E15 to E30 was used throughout Great Britain from the 1920's to the 1970's. This is also true of other countries such as France and Germany.

    My 600+ page book "THE ETHANOL PAPERS" has just been published and it's free to read on @t website.

  19. BlockEdragon Author

    As someone who owns a a fish tank and has to clean algae on a regular basis, I could smell part of this video.
    1:03 specifically this part.

    Reminded me of my wheel filters, it looks very similar.

  20. Mr Boone Author

    I saw that they said there is no run off but so did big oil and they still had spills Couldn’t these algae raceways get contaminated by other sources of nutrients that contain nitrogen and phosphorus which could cause toxic algae blooms to occur like what’s happening in Florida right now?

  21. Howard Crivello Author

    If atmospheric CO2 is reduced by growing cyanobacteria then all food plants will also reduce their output. As world population increases more
    food growth will be needed so an increase in CO2 may also be needed. All plants need CO2 to grow and produce
    their own kind of carbohydrates,(leaves, corn, wheat, rice, bean, etc..)

    Where does the world go from here? Could cyanobacteria be the controlling factor for CO2?

  22. Microphonix Virtual Studio Author

    There isn't enough CO2 in the atmosphere to cause so called global warming. So you don't need to waste your time and money worrying about it at all.

  23. Navesblue Author

    I'm including this company in a presentation project to present to my state's legislator in order to help expand its reach, or at the very least increase awareness of it in order to help advance its global affect with other green-solution companies trying to combat the world's mounting problems. If you want to help accelerate such causes, then I recommend that you do the same thing. Call up your representatives and bring this to their attention. It's a very simple baby step that you can take to have a real change in the world.

  24. Carl Lelandt Author

    Algae can be adapted to different regions, climates, since algae varieties span the globe, from polar regions to equator. Impurities/contaminants in the water provide nutrition for algae.. Numerous industries produce carbon dioxide as a waste gas. Biomass leftover, after oil (biocrude) extraction also has valuable uses, depending on the biomass characteristics. Some high cellulosic algae biomass can be used for production of plastic.

  25. Alex Leigh Author

    "Sorry, something went wrong.
    You have too many subscriptions compared to your number of subscribers."
    Would you subscribe to my channel so that I may here these incredible stories?

  26. shin josh Author

    what if algae grows on mars
    what would you call it?
    bring in future ads under this comment.
    your car needs malgey to make things straight.
    the green gold for mankind .

  27. Shane Zettelmier Author

    If you release your water in waves you greatly increase the CO2 contact with the algae because it’s touching air, kind of like growing aquatic plants immersed. Using gravity and instead of growing it in flat ponds used textures to increase surface area. Also you could create a dump for garbage and run your water through that first, breaking it down. The garbage and fertilizing your algae. Also sell more products. Fish/shrimp food is massively overpriced and has been for decades, Hyman foods and supplements, and do it some place cheaper like Alabama or Tennessee. So many options to maximize efficiency and make it more economically feasible.

  28. RDSyafriyar Author

    In a time where some countries and cities have planned to ban petrol/diesel cars within a few decades, I bet using algae as fuel for internal combustion cars would be a logical solution besides demands for hybrids and EV's out there.

  29. Carl Taylor Author

    If you burn methane you get water, heat and CO2. If you mix algae, water, sunlight and CO2 you get food or fuel. If you bubble carbon dioxide through caustic soda you get more heat and sodium carbonate. So, two heat sources, water as a bi-product, a source of food and a source of fuel – all virtually unlimited and with a huge negative carbon footprint.

  30. gblueslover2 Author

    It still BEGS the question:
    Who WANTS to keep going to gas stations to fill up ?

    Exxon Mobil, you very well could have started this alternative fuel years ago, but "NO," you just couldn't LET GO of that profit you were hanging on to.

    So sorry… Too little, too late.

  31. Zane Martin Author

    Sounds like a good idea. Practically tho I don’t think algae based biofuel will do the best in power or efficiency for an engine. Let me see your fuel burn vs a petroleum product. And diesel have def systems now which turn diesel exhaust into, carbon dioxide H2O and Nitrogen and so that the air technically coming out of the engine is cleaner then the air going in.


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