How Cuban agriculture went from industrial to sustainable


  1. Our Changing Climate

    What do you think we can learn from Cuba's agricultural systems? Do you think interconnected local food systems could potentially replace our current globally dependent models?

  2. John Peric

    60-80 percent of Cuba's food isn't even produced in Cuba, most people aren't surviving off this sustainable agriculture, they're surviving off another country's industrial agriculture.

  3. Luisa

    Great! I uploaded italian subtitles so I can share it with my people who don't understand english very well. I'm loving all your videos!

  4. A R

    Have you seen the lines in Cuban stores for basic goods? Rationed meats? Non-existent transportation system? Non-existent sophisticated medicine (you get cancer, you might as well just get your will done)? Rampant prostitution? Stop being such a rube millennial and grow up!

  5. eitoobmiz

    ive been growing an organic garden for several yrs. today is the first time ive seen this video. what is cuba going to teach me? cube is so shockingly poor it cant afford pesticides or herbicides if it wanted to. organic was their only option and that's a good thing.

  6. Stephen Verchinski

    Green Party US also is the only party supporting the family farmer and like Henry Wallace back in last century, supporting agricultural parity by platform in opposition to commodified industrial agriculture.

  7. Saeed Mustapha

    My hat is off to their system, unlike the system In the Industrial world which promotes cancer and it shows how brainwashed those are that keep on knocking it.

  8. marco clar

    The world was supposed to die of hunger in mind 1970's. Mathematically there was supposed to be massive starvation as population expanded and it was impossible to grow more food. Modern method prevented mass starvation

  9. WDC3

    Let me translate . . . How Cuba's inept attempt at state-run industrial farming failed miserably leaving everyone to fend for themselves.

  10. Rich Smith

    I've been to cuba and can tell you the last thing we want to do is model our food supply chain off of them. The food there was actually kind of terrible, both in flavor, and in quality of produce.

  11. Christy India

    God originally created us to eat such things as fruits n vegetables so good for them.their healthy and able to do things the natural way👏👍🙏💃

  12. Tarzan

    Cuba imports its sugar from other countries. The former sugar cane superpower importing sugar. The irony of such an abberation. And no, this does not look like sustainable.

  13. Brendan O'Dea

    Cuba's agricultural productivity collapse of 54% (1989-1994) means that they now have to import 70-80% of their food. Meanwhile, the UN FAO estimates that globally, we need to increase food production (measured in calories) by 70% by 2050.

    Western precision agricultural farming practices are the most environmentally friendly and productive that have ever existed. It is the main cause for the 1.97% GHG emission intensity reduction each year across OECD countries, a major driver of improved soil carbon, soil acidity and microbial activity. It is also responsible for reduce water use and errosive water runoff, greater water use efficiency, and reduce fertilizer and pesticide use.

    Here is a link to a report by the EU if anyone is interested:

    Current Cuban agricultural practices were born out of necessity in a regressive economic era and are not practices that we should aspire to follow.

  14. Wade Wilson

    It’s called socialism. And if you want to give up your iPhone and spend 18hrs a day breaking your back tilling a field by all means do it. But if you try to force your bs climate change communism on the rest of us be prepared for the firestorm that will brought down upon your head.

  15. Kev Man456

    Lets not indirectly glorify a totalitarian socialistic nation.
    Ive been to Cuba, I am Cuban, and I can tell you it was nothing glorious to see my aunt, who’s a doctor, have to walk into a torn-down facility on a Saturday morning, filled with hundreds of other people, to receive her weekly ration of food.

  16. Christopher Mikler

    my mother and grandparents grew up in a communist nation as well, everyone had a small garden for bribing people and feeding yourself, but it cost available time

  17. Matt Maros

    So all we have to do is end freedom, steal all the private property, murder anyone who doesn’t like it and we too can enjoy perfection!

  18. lenny108

    nice video, this was also Gandhi's idea to have self-sustaining villages which produce food without machines. Today this would require to reverse this process of urban development and bring a large number of people back to work as farmers. This might only work when people have no other choice. When their present system of industrialized farming is collapsing, soils are destroyed and the chemicals being used make all people sick and die from cancer, stroke and Alzheimer's.

  19. Fabio Vieira

    What the video don't mention, because I think, its very controversial, is that Cuba's economic and political system is not dependent on the concentration of wealth through latifundios. An agroecological revolution is directly connected to a proletarian revolution, as is vice-versa.

  20. Sorin Silaghi

    You are glorifying people living in poverty. This is like socialist propaganda polished for westerners who don't know any better. We also had people doing subsistence farming inside cities in Romania in the 80s. It wasn't because it was a great thing, it was because we were poor. If you want to become a farmer so much why don't you go on and do it? Why is it someone else that has to do it?

  21. Yagop One

    >self reliance
    >government intervention
    Pick one.
    I don’t care how many times you dramatically draw out the S at the end of your sentences, all I see is individuals working in a family and community to not starve in the wake of a brutal socialist government. The government isn’t drawing sweat in those farms. And thousands have died as a result of stunted economic growth. It’s ironic that environmentalists are usually the same ones that see themselves as championing rights of non whites yet ignorantly dismiss the possibility that the most polluting countries are developing ones. The best way to tackle environmental issues is to downsize the government and allow communities to create strong ties with each other. Governments only function to serve itself.


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