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How Digital is Transforming Farming | Cognizant

What if we told you that you could use
water more efficiently for growing your corn with a simple, modern and intuitive
platform. Our technology or what we like to call the digital future for farmers,
will help you grow high quality corn by showing them a little more love — a lot
more nurturing. It will help you estimate the amount of water that your crop
requires and evaluate how it is faring health-wise. The Aquatek platform has
been designed with the intention of listening to every little heartbeat of
your crops, via satellite imaging. It tracks weather data and studies soil
information. Our technology intelligently analyzes and presents smart data on crop
development, water use and irrigation requirements across each field that you
have mapped throughout the growing season. With Aquatek, you have a help in
providing your crops the water they need and in addressing some of the health
issues they might have, from any time anywhere. Aquatek will support you to
monitor crop water consumption for optimizing water and energy usage for
every six meters of your crop field. Understand the plotted crop maps that
will highlight areas of estimated crop stress within each field as your crops
grow for timely decision-making, receive alerts and irrigation recommendations by
your smartphone, tablet or farm computer. With the help of more than 275 virtual
soil moisture probes per hectare, grow smarter with Aquatek, your irrigation
advisor. Join us today and get free trial usage from the start of your growing
season till June 2017.

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