1. Miguel Torres

    Question: In between rinseless car washes for a ceramic coated vehicle is ok to use a microfiber hand duster? And if so what type of duster do you recommend? Thank you.

  2. James Garfield

    Hi, my car has a ceramic coating and I recently had some bird droppings on the car which have left etchings. Please can you advise me on how to polish these out with taking the ceramic coating off please?

  3. Abe Babe

    Does the ceramic coating also change the looks, does it add glittering ?

    I try to decide whether to do polish+ceramic or polish only.

  4. J A Z Z P E R

    Will it hurt to wax a ceramic coating or do you recommend using a maintenance spray. I used PolishAngel H9 and V2.0 ceramic followed by SPRITZ.

  5. James Chapman

    Check out my review on the product call ( the last coat ) get 10 off your 1st order. Blows away F11 top coat. https://youtu.be/dlN2oagcZf0

  6. Jimmy Buffit

    The title to this video should be, "How to wash your car 101, with tips on coated cars." There is basically no insightful information for coated cars. Either the title was clickbait or you drifted very far from how to maintain a coated vehicle

  7. James Chapman

    Ok so I used the cheap 9h coating by Mr fix , the car came out nice but on the top and trunk had streaks , so my question how can I get them out? Any thoughts

  8. Elite Car Studio Ceramic coating craftsman

    Hi, say after one year once ceramic coating is done on a car surface, swril will come back on the coating.
    What should be done?
    1.should we buff it with a DA polisher.
    If yes then will coating come out?

  9. kyle flucht

    I’ve had ceramic coating for about a month. Already getting quite a bit swirl marks. I’ve ran it thru automatic and touch less washes a few times. I don’t hand dry it or anything just take it down highway and all blows off. But still getting swirls?

  10. Dean Phung

    Hey mate, nice video. I work 7 days a week and often don't find time to hand wash my coated car(black) . Would u say touchless wash my car with a pressure washer every week and hand wash it once a month, good enough to maintain the shininess of the ceramic coating?

  11. Claude

    Very informative content, my question is how do you remove the ceramic coating after it has been applied and notice streaks. I had a "pro" apply it, Moh's 2x coats and a booster on top PPF and now after washing is with the 2 bucket method , i noticed streaks all over the vehicle, he will not answer his emails. Im stuck with solving this problem with some help off of the web. Thanx In Advance

  12. Englebert Humperdink Views

    There are too many different types of Ceramic coating out there that has inorganic compounds mixed in, cheap 9H with too much carrier fluids and the 10H which provides a lifetime guarantee. I've used many kinds and at times learned the hard way with some because of my lack of patience when applying these coatings but with all of the cheap shit that's being sold out there you'll be very lucky to buy the "TRUE" solution unless you're getting them straight from the manufacturer or main seller of these products. I've seen many videos on Youtube and most of these guys are advertising the cheap shit that's floating out there that has too much carrier fluid mixed into the 9H and you're barely getting the good stuff in it. The REAL 9H & 10H it is so thick there is no way you're getting that solution without using a fine mist of water spraying on your car to spread it properly and there is a process even removing it properly which from experience it's a 3 step wiping process to just get the blooding thing off!

    The BEST method of caring for Ceramic is just doing a manual car wash with a heavy duty spray gun and simply just wiping it off. Forget about adding additional wax coatings and do not go through any car wash as this guy here failed to mention that if you do that it won't damage your coating but it will for sure decrease the effectiveness of the hydrophobic effect that 9H & 10H offers! My suppliers told me that it can take 1-2+ weeks for 100% curing unless you're applying heat lamps like the Thai guys which is true way to go and not to wash it for a couple of days. This year I will be trying out the 10H solution which is more an even thicker coating but as for the front end of your car I would recommend getting 5+ coatings of 9H or 10H and then getting PPF done in the front end, trust me your ceramic will not protect you from rock chips as I've been reapplying and testing it for the last 2+ years on it's durability!

  13. Badr Al Subhi

    Thanks for your video.. After washing my car which coating with ceramic can I apply Chemical Guys butter wax and Jetseal..? If it's good.. How about using fine black pad with DA machine?


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