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How does Doug use solar power to pump bore water for his cattle farm in Adelaide River?

(music) – [Matt Byrd] Being on a
farm 600, 1,200, 3,000 acres it’s very hard to get
electricity and to check on those diesel generators
that they want to pump. So, having the ability to utilize solar and utilize the sun, which is a commodity that comes out every morning
and lasts all day long. If they can use that without
spending too much money, I mean, it’s a win for everybody. We were able to offer him a solution where solar could be
predominantly the main power to basically pump that
water out of that bore. – If you want your solar on all you do is just turn this switch on here and give it a minute and
they it’ll crank up, and (water dripping) out comes there water. – When we’re talking
about customers like Doug, Doug lives on 600 acres. It’s not easy to get power over to you know, 250 acres away. So, when we talk about the
cost of installing cables to try and get to that bore, I mean, the price outweighs
the return on investment. I mean, there’s no return on investment with something like that. Putting solar there and
giving him the availability to pump water whenever
he wants through the day, so he can water his cattle without him worrying about you know, the cost of diesel or electricity, I think really helps Doug out. If we have more solar panels, it definitely gives you ability to be able to pump more water per
second out of this bore. At the moment, we’ve got it
set to around half a liter to three quarters of a liter per second, which is enough for Doug
to be able to irrigate what he needs to irrigate
and obviously water the land. – [Doug Lovegrove] We’re
not paying for electricity to pump water anymore so that’s all solar. So that’s free. Yeah, people that don’t got solar got rocks in their head, I reckon. – Darwin’s environment
I guess, is quite harsh. It changes from humidity, from the dry season to the wet season. So, basically when we design a system, our number one priority is
to design it around quality. Obviously Grant Foss
and LG came hand in hand and there was no other option. We believe anyway. – You know SEM, they do, do a good job and I’m really happy to be
dealing with those guys. So, I’ll stay with them. I think if you’re getting plenty of sun, you’d be crazy not to use
solar and yeah, way to go. Crazy if you don’t.

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