1. Anugaki Noman

    Nature will balance its self am sure that pesticide infested land of Europe will one day die and people can produce there on food in africa and don't have to compute….aid is the biggest scam of 21st century. Aid is robbery

  2. slow down

    @13:00 Economics isn't charity, either be competitive or you're gone sadly. The same practices killed mexican farming vs usa imports, now you have illegal latinos working on american farms because they lost their own.

  3. Elizabeth Gordon

    You said chinese invest in africa. You are so angry at them . But this idiot european countries they control land and agriculture in africa then let the african people starve to death .

  4. Olesya Zvankovich

    what is this platform which has been mentioned in the film created in Switzerland to support the local farmers? Does anybody has an experience with this?

  5. Richard Sci

    And they say Africans are not creative, or cannot feed themselves because they lack imagination.

    Senegal needs to do what Nigeria did. Ban imports. That is the only way you are going to help domestic farmers.
    Imagine if Senegal becomes totally dependent on imports, and Europe decides to cut off imports.

    EU subsidies are great for European farmers. But devastating to Africa.
    On top of all this, even if Africa has farm produce it can export, Europe makes it very hard to meet that standard. So essentially, they export easily to Africa, but Africa cannot export to Europe.

    This is what is great about Trump's trade policies. He is renegotiating unfair trade policies. African leaders should follow in Trump's footsteps. But will they?

  6. Sterling Barringer

    The other option being to withdraw cheap imported grain and let the poor starve while the economy develops enough to create jobs that will pay the poor enough to afford the higher priced grain.

  7. Bauz Blak

    Politics is what's holding our Continent back, we are more than capable of growing our own food, we were farmers way before European Invasion.
    The entire imports/exports is controlled by greedy Capitalists and they decide what comes and what goes, who should and shouldn't make business etc. Basically, CUSTOMS dismissal of African traditional agriculture (Organic produce) created a gap for Western Cheap GMO produce to enter the continent to uplift Europe and that was their plan from the get go. This is the new world oppression that we as South Africans are are fighting to change, it doesn't only hurt our economy but it also hurt our health and wealth, people's health is in the mercy of clinics and hospitals collecting "medicine" daily due to HBP's, Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer, Kidneys and liver failures etc and Pharmaceuticals are winning because the Government is spending billions on Big Pharma to supply the clinics and hospitals. This was a plan from the get go and it's hurting our people more especially the poor and uneducated and the ignorant minority who think everything from the west is all Hollywood glits and kind.


    Afrikans need to be more courageous and defend themselves. Afrikan destiny is in the hands of Afrikans not europeans / oriental etc.

    Afrikan could choose to see all caucasians /oriental groups as they are, and not as caucasian /oriental groups want Afrikans to see them before it's too late.

    The european plan here is to dismantle any indigenous agriculture by flooding Afrikan markets with cheap chemical ridden unhealthy unnatural MONSANTO BAYER products. When the indigenous markets are destroyed at the point of no return the prices of this cheap chemical poor grade european products will be greatly inflated and expensive. Then hopefully Afrikan Humans will be starved off their Lands. Then the europeans don't have to pretend to kind and good and will be able to take the Land without any real opposition.

    Why? Because europeans and other caucasians groups have never relented their WAR against Afrikans. Although it seems most Afrikans don't equate this type of disingenuous behaviour as warfare, it is.

    African governments are complicit in the destruction of their own Nations because they don't tell their populations the truth as they don't feel they have any responsibility towards them and are afraid of the very very violent caucasians.

    However Afrikans in general are just to credulous when dealing with their historic enemies not wanting to know the truth, choosing to worship their enemies instead. I refer to Afrikans that have the capacity and ability to educate themselves appropriately but choose not to.

  9. Gianluca Foti

    I don't get the point of the video. It's just trade, something cost less so they buy it whithout looking the origin of the product. It seems to me the way it always works

  10. Amankwaa beatrice osei Oosei

    The Europeans are very good,but they think of their country & the citizens first, before foreigners. But we the Africans like too much favouritism. Africa & Africans first this time.

  11. Duje Stančić

    EU shouldnt subsidize its own farmers for certain products, cause it artificially lowers the price of chicken meat, milk, etc. This is killing African agriculture, cause they cant compete with agricultural machinery, making their produce more expensive to African buyers. The have less capital. Less capital means less productivity and machinery. Actually D. Trump has the same argument against the Chinese for dumping subsidized steel and aluminium to world markets, thus killing US jobs

  12. Aris Papachristou

    Free trade, as implemented, is more a neo-colonialist tool, than a world development tool. Free trade has been implemented without giving the chance to local economies to develop. It has benefited the West plus several other countries as China, Japan, Vietnam. Africa is suffering, and the proof are the millions ready to risk their lives to come to Europe.

  13. Micro Soft

    so EU is accusing Trump to be protectionist and would hurt the free market competition but this video clearly states EU was/is actively destroying the very essence of free market by engaging to protectionism on almost all level of trades. specially on farming againts african countries.

    eu can only bully these small black countries while engaging to unfair competition acts and throw the blame on Trump on almost everything from racism to everything hateful.

  14. Xuan Vinh To

    Consider this circular nature of taste:

    – Africans are switching to eat for rice, which come mostly from East Asia (Vietnam, Thailand) or India. Rice cooks much quicker than sorghum or other African drought-resistant grains.
    – Asians are eating more wheat, in the forms of cake, pastries, and bread. One of Vietnam most famous dish is the stuffed bread; consider the country does not grow a single strand of wheat and had to import all of the wheat flour.
    – Rich Europeans and Americans are switching to eat sorghum, quinoa and other "ancient grains" grown mostly in Africa.

    Sounds insane, right?


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