How High is Your Tolerance?

something I've been thinking a lot about lately is the word tolerance tolerance was the branding used to push the degeneracy we're witnessing today and it it really is the perfect word to describe what's been taking place and for the past several decades at least I was thinking about the word tolerance specifically because I was I was trying to figure out how our society has come to tolerate things like like trans kids just as an example but the examples are endless and and the list gets longer every day and yes our society at large is tolerant of this behavior and and many even embrace and celebrate it you might be personally horrified or angry but even you are tolerant of this behavior well let me let me explain what I mean by this what does an alcoholic say when they explained that it takes a lot more alcohol than the average person in order to make them feel feel drunk they say they have a high tolerance the same is true if not more so for opioid addicts in fact heavy users of heroin might have a tolerance so high that if someone who had never injected heroin before in their life were to use the same dose their heart would stop this phenomenon of Tolerance is true of drugs all across the board you know even cigarettes the first cigarette I ever smoked made me so dizzy I had to sit down but a heavy smoker will never experience that sensation never why because of tolerance the human body and mind adapts to foreign substances extremely well the brain will rewire receptors and pathways when it's overwhelmed with chemicals and stimulants in an attempt to return the experience the user experience back to normal which is also what leads to dependency when people use well pretty much any drug on a regular basis for any extended amount of time once they develop tolerance to that drug that means they've also simultaneously developed a dependency to that drug an alcoholic for example might wake up sober and experience excruciating headaches and maybe even violent shakes this is the result of their mind and body trying to adjust for the expected presence of alcohol when the alcohol is not there that might sound like an extreme example and people don't get to that level right away it takes a long time for the mind and body to adjust to being intoxicated all the time for it to build this tolerance this dependency and because it will take just as long for the mind and body to readjust to being sober most addicts they want to just be normal they want to feel normal again as quickly as possible so they just drink and the pain goes away the equilibrium returns because the effects of the drug are now evening out what the mind and body was doing to counteract it now nothing I just explained is is anything new and I suspect many if not all of you have first-hand experience with some form of this and I mean you don't have to be a heroin addict or an alcoholic it could be something as simple as copy or even sugar anytime you put something into your mind into your body that alters the minds natural order the mind will always attempt to return to the natural state the natural order and it'll take extreme actions to do so and when this happens the the person whose mind that this is they're going to perceive that as an increase in tolerance because the same amount of substance or or or stimuli no longer makes them feel the same because the brains trying to even it out so they think oh my tolerance has gone up and now I have to increase the dosage to overcome this tolerance so they increase the dosage but like clockwork the mind once again tries to even it out it tries to nullify this stimuli that's not natural it's trying to return the experience of reality back to normal back to the natural order of things and that is the cycle of tolerance so what does that have to do with your tolerance to degeneracy when the mind is subjected to degeneracy it's identical to being subjected to a drug pornography is an obvious example pornography addicts just like any other addict will find themselves in this exact same cycle of stimulation increased tolerance increased dosage the pornography addict will need to increase the degenerate nature of their pornography in order to experience that same effect that a sex scene and a rated pg-13 movie might have have seemed when they first were experiencing pornographic image as their tolerance increases so does the depravity in the content they have to consume it's exactly like a drug and while addiction to pornography is getting extremely common let's just say that's an extreme example it doesn't matter just like you don't have to be a heroin addict to experience this cycle of stimulation tolerance increased dosage you know like I said before it could be something as simple as caffeine in your coffee you don't have to be addicted to porn in order to experience this cycle of tolerance of the degeneracy in society when I was a young teenager a friend of mine got a job at a theater that was near my house and I've always been into filmmaking so it was it was kind of amazing to have this friend that could and often did sneak me into movies that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to afford to see but also movies that I just you know I wasn't old enough to get into and I still remember being this bright-eyed although you know not totally innocent kid sitting down to watch the movie 7 with Brad Pitt Morgan Freeman Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey big-budget big-name film excited to watch this movie I'd heard so much about now right now I want to focus less on the plot or the meaning of the film and and more just on how the movie made me feel now I was a young boy from a religious family were watching rated R movies and even edgy TV like The Simpsons was strictly forbidden so this younger version of myself had essentially no tolerance at all to the images and some of the sounds of about to be subjected to I still remember sitting in the dark by myself I remember the the Nine Inch Nails soundtrack creeping in the darkness booming in the theater while disgusting images flashed quickly across the screen now for me personally the fact that the filmmakers used Nine Inch Nails really kind of amplified this experience this this feeling of foreboding and to be perfectly honest evil that I was beginning to feel in the theater you see music is another example of this cycle the stimulation tolerance increased dosage that same cycle I had experienced this very cycle specifically with Nine Inch Nails I bought the Nine Inch Nails album pretty hate machine when I was in grade school because this older kid thought it was cool and was always wearing Nine Inch Nails t-shirts and I wanted to know what it was all about at the time I think I was listening to like 80s synth-pop like Depeche Mode information Society I was a nerd so I loved music that was made with computers and Nine Inch Nails made music with computers so I thought hey this this could be right up my alley and it's it's actually it's really it's really strange for me to try to explain what I'm about to say because I'm a hundred percent hundred percent certain that the musical tolerance of almost everyone if not everyone listening right now in my audience the musical tolerance that you already have is so high just from this constant bombardment of subversive degenerate music that it's going to to almost sound impossible to relate to what I'm about to say but I swear as a kid who was brought up as a kid you know the real little kid on classical music and on hymns at church uplifting music in my household when I listen to the album pretty hate machine by Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznor's first big album I couldn't shake the feeling that I was participating in something wrong I was doing something wrong something evil as I listened to that that tape give me an idea of how long ago was in the headphones of my Walkman I felt guilty I felt that at any moment someone someone's gonna catch me in this act and I was going to get in trouble I instinctively knew that this music that openly mocked God that twisted the structure of of musical notes and arranged sounds in a way that were specifically designed to make the listener feel uneasy I knew that by allowing this into my mind I was doing something wrong I was eroding part of myself but I couldn't stop listening just like a drug addict I bought Nine Inch Nails album after nine inch nails out and each darker more explicit and extreme than the one before it I remember when I first listened to the album broken and that came out about two years before the movie se7en I felt physically afraid when I listened to that album for the first time I was pumped full of adrenaline and cortisol it was it was an increase of dosage from the album previous and I felt just as afraid just as as titillated in a in a degenerate way that I was doing something wrong and getting away with it I was I was sincerely worried about what would happen if any one of my family discovered what was in my headphones I the feeling like if they found out what I was listening to what I was putting in my brain it was literally the same as if my parents were to find a heroin needle in my in my sock drawer but even with all that stimulation going on inside of my brain which I remember vividly like it was yesterday I still had that still small voice in my head trying to be heard over the blaring music from my headphones telling me this wasn't right I needed to stop but of course I didn't stop the music frightened and excited me until slowly over time it didn't and once again I had to increase the dosage you know and the sad thing is just with a lot of drugs how the addict becomes an addict because he's chasing that first high he wants that first feeling but he'll never get it again ever the the tolerance is a permanent shift in brain structure chemistry or whatever it'll never be that first high the same is true with I wouldn't call it a hi but the experience that I felt listening to this music if I listened that album today I'm not going to have I might feel a little gross at times but I'm not gonna have anywhere near the level of you know subdued terror then I felt that part of me is already dead and it's just never never comes back so in the darkness of that theater my brain was once again under assault by an increased dosage of subversion and as the credits wrapped up leaving me in a state of unease and a feeling I couldn't quite articulate until Trent Reznor utters the last line maybe the only line of the song that played during the credits almost as if they give you one last chance to reject the images and the sounds and the feelings that you were about to experience he says in a mocking inverse of what the audience is experiencing you bring me closer to God he obviously knows what he's doing I think it's really it's almost it's impossible really to argue what his intentions were in creating this music it was specifically designed to push people further away from God and it's now something that I realized that maybe I didn't realize then maybe I did that that terrifying foreign feeling that I had been experiencing that guilt and shame that I'd done something wrong and that excitement the thrill that my mind and soul was building a tolerance to it was the absence of God it was the rejection of God and there is an addictive quality to that there is a fall sensation of power in that and that sensation is what the brain is overstimulated by and it's that sensation that the brain builds a tolerance to to feel that rush I had to sit in the dark room watching despicable images from the twisted minds of the filmmakers I had to listen to the sounds of decay and unease I had to feel a sick kind of terrified delight from rejecting God in this small but significant way and by the way for the atheists out there who are shaking their heads do you deny the existence of a conscience regardless of where you think it comes from do you deny the existence of that still small voice that we all hear but often ignore would you deny regardless of what you think the source of that voice is that deliberately rejecting that voice and indulging in the superficial giddiness that comes from that rejection would you deny that that's the road to hell whether you interpret that literally or I don't think that you would this film this music these are just tiny examples they're their molecules in the ocean of the generate propaganda that's been flooding our systems with one goal in mind increasing our tolerance little by little people not only tolerate the degeneracy that the increases with every passing moment they want that short-lived thrill that gets even shorter every time every time they increase that dose that they can have just a little taste of what it was like the first time they rejected God and the movie seven did exactly that it takes the audience into a world full of horror and without God it perverts the natural order at every opportunity while exposing the audience to sights and sounds that will increase their tolerance and their appetite for that apprehension that dread that can only exist outside the presence of God I lost a little bit of myself that night which is why I think it so clear in my mind after watching that movie I quietly snuck out of the theater I started walking home I remember it so clearly it's it's it's oddly one of my clearest memories from that time in my life I was nervous unsettled a little bit paranoid suddenly the streets that I had walked a thousand times before seemed dangerous and malicious and with every step I took in the dark my mind worked feverishly to balance out these chemicals that were rushing through my veins to counteract these foreign stimulants and with every step my innocence was calcified with the putrid debris from this film that I had voluntarily subjected myself to debris that would crystallize and remain inside my mind forever I may not have known it then but at that moment I was further away from God than at any other moment in my relatively short life and what's more my journey it had just begun for black pilled I'm Devin stack if you liked my videos make sure you like and subscribe make sure you share if you want to support my videos you can become a patron at forward slash black pilled or pick up a copy of my book link is in the description or send Krypto to one of the addresses below


  1. Clay Old

    About musical tolerance around the 10 minute mark:
    I felt this same way as a youth listening to the rap music of my peers. Unfortunately, I gave into peer pressure and kept listening until I finally woke up to the blight of it.
    These days, it's gotten worse. Now I have trouble accepting any commercially produced music, as it's all part of the same terrible machine.

  2. Bill Smith

    I was having this same thought today about pedophilia being normalized culturally even though people are getting arrested and going to jail, etc…

  3. Phuk Yu

    You lost me completely with the NIN hate. Not because I'm a particularly huge fan but because this kind of Victorian puritanism is useless and dumb. We don't need to go back to the days when men and women had to be shown sleeping in separate beds on TV.

  4. Jean-Louis Bourgeois

    S7ven is a great fucking movie, best ending ever.
    Made me so deeply happy.
    Not being a weak ass loser it obviously didn't affect me negativity.

  5. Kristine Estes

    Dear Devon, I had to listen to this again it is so full of information and your conclusions are very correct. The Serpent in the Garden of Eden was the most cunning of creatures and still is. God can and does desire with His infinite love of all humankind that we accept the incredible sacrifice of His Son and come to Him with a true change of mind and heart so He can not only forgive us He can also then heal us from the affects of our own foolishness.

  6. RuneSlavv

    I admire the editing and atmosphere of this video. It gives me a fulfilling sense of awe and captures my attention mate while also taking into consideration the points you make.

  7. dookie shoes

    You might be onto something with the social tolerance being increased and slowly making degeneracy more and more well tolerable. What has recently kind of jolted me out of it or at least made me aware of all of it is the recent supercharged degeneracy we are experiencing. Its almost like we were as a society getting a steady drip for the most part and it allowed us to look past smaller evils much like boiling the frog. Well in recent years we've just been thrown into the boiling pot and I am kind of shocked out if it but only recently have I begun to realize it.

  8. Kristine Estes

    I appreciate very much how well and how explicitly you have articulated this beginning and resulting course of all evil. At my age of 71, a Baby Boomer, I have been there, done that so many times I know how very true this vlog of yours is. Thank you.

  9. MeisterBear

    Devon – I had a very similar experience being raised strict catholic. You just made me realize how clearly I recall when innocence was lost. My first exposure to evil was a Too $hort cassette and MTV (Madonna virgin), but I didn't care for that stuff…then sex, drugs, and alcohol entered the picture and my circle of friends collectively went down the road of no return. A year later we would be drinking and reminisce about the pre drinking days. We all felt it yet continued. I'm of the belief one must experience evil to understand then freewill Jesus in or perhaps it's just that we were sheltered.

    That reminds of the Christian vs small hat battle concerning the music industry that played out in the 90's over explicit lyrics, gangster rap, metal, etc. Can anyone imagine something like that happening now? Holy shit never…most won't even fight the trans for God's sake. The more degenerate rap of today gives me that old evil feeling creeping again and I see it reflected in the youth who consume it. kinda sad, kinda should've had a dad

  10. A lady who prays the Divine Mercy Chaplet

    Gay propaganda must be forbidden early. If you tolerate it, later you won't be able to get rid of it. It's unbelievable that anal sex is now considered the highest of virtues. A great chastisement from God is coming, I believe.

  11. caillustration

    Uh………I guess. This is a bit of a stretch. Feels like you're reaching. I understand your point about the population being groomed and demoralized, but the example your giving is silly.

  12. sweetpadre

    There's no "voice" I have to listen to other than what I choose to app for internal dialogue. Yes, I do deny that paying attention to this nonsensical voice will put me in a state of Nirvana. God is dead.

  13. Heyo Lembo

    I think you should do an analysis of Stranger Things Season 3. There is so much blatantly obvious subliminal messaging, I can only imagine what you would uncover..

  14. ifknh8utube5998195

    I like your content man but this video here, completely disagree with it all the way. You make gigantic leaps that watching violent films makes you lose faith in God. None of the things you claimed actually line up scientifically (specifically neurologically) it just doesn't work that way. Basically this video comes off to me and religious mumbo jumbo. You're equating feelings you felt whilst consuming media as some kind of factual evil. Sorry dude I like you and all but this is a bad video and everything you say in it is wrong.

  15. Curtin 18866559

    I agree with the awful movie 7. But I honestly don’t think NIN takes you away from God. Sort of Middle Ages ‘flat 5th’ note is evil nonsense imo

  16. Aryan Street

    We need to stop being entertained all the time. If you've got free time, get a side gig so at least you have some money to escape this mess if you need to. Degenerate movies have been going on for a long long time. Even as early as the 20s when movies first came out.


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