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How I Cured a Sinus Infection With a Homemade Neti Pot 🔥 1M Views!

Hello! In this video I’ll show you how you can cure a sinus infection with a homemade neti pot. A couple of weeks ago I felt terrible. I had a cough, a sore throat a cold and my sinuses were all blocked, I had a really bad headache – I could feel it around the top of me eye, the back of my eye down to my ear – and it just wasn’t going away. Each day I go to bed, thinking ‘Tomorrow I’ll feel better’ and every morning I woke up and I didn’t feel any better. So I had to do something about it I went online and I found a solution which I’m going to share with you now. As a disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, so bear that in mind as you’re watching this video. However, I’m not not an idiot either: I did look into the ingredients – I did look into this before I did it to myself and the following morning I felt instant relief, and within a couple of days the sinus infection was completely cleared, so draw your own conclusions from that. This is really easy to do. You will need; water; some salt; some sodium bicarbonate (AKA baking soda); and some hydrogen peroxide. You can buy this from any pharmacist, drugstore or even online from amazon, and it only cost a couple of dollars. Once the water is boiling like this leave the flame on another couple of minutes to make sure the water is properly sterilized then turn off the gas and add half a teaspoon of salt, and half a teaspoon of baking soda (or bicarbonate of soda). Give it a good stir and then cover it with a plate to keep it sterile. Now let it cool down until it becomes body temperature. If you’re wondering why we’re boiling the water that’s because a couple of people have died using nasal irrigation techniques over the past few years. This is extremely rare and it’s caused by an amoeba which can be found in lakes and rivers, and in very rare cases in drinking water, so by taking precautions that we’re taking here we’re sure that’s not going to happen to us. We’re also going to sterilize our bottle. To do this, just take your hydrogen peroxide, put a decent amount into the bottom of the bottle, close the top and then give it a good shake. We can now empty the contents of the bottle into the sink. Once our saline solution has cooled down to body temperature we can get our hydrogen peroxide and we want to add around 20 drops. Now remember, this is diluted at three percent in the bottle, so by adding 20 drops into our mixture we’ve got an extremely low concentration of hydrogen peroxide. We can now get our saline solution and pour it into the sterilized bottle. It’s a good idea to remove the label from the bottle to make sure nobody drink this. Now we get a kitchen knife and sterilize it with hydrogen peroxide… and with our knife we’re going to make a very small hole at the edge of the cap. There we are. Now it’s time for me to sacrifice my dignity this isn’t gonna be pretty, but I know it’s going to help you, so I am willing to do it. What we need to do is put this hole into our nose and then seal around it with our nostril. Then we’ll squeeze the bottle lightly and the pressure will force the water up into our sinuses. Now, it’s not easy to explain, but when you do this you can either have the water come out through your throat, in which case you need to spit it out, out or it will go up through your sinuses and then out the other nostril and will run out. This depends on what you do with your throat but, as I say, it’s not easy to explain, so you’re just going to have to try it yourself. Here we go then… That’s it! Then you blow your nose, and you’ve cleaned out your sinuses. As you can probably tell from the video, that’s not the most pleasant thing to do in the world. However, the reason that you’ll keep on doing it, is because it makes you feel so much better. Like I say the following morning, after I did this the first time, I felt as though I had new sinuses. Thanks for watching! Give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and check out the rest of my channel – I make videos on all kinds of different subjects – and if you like what you see then subscribe! That’s it! Until next time, don’t forget, Love life!


  1. Christopher Barr - Random Chris Author

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    Chris 👍

  2. Hizkia Huwaë Author

    I caught the cold a few days ago and now the sore throat and chills have gone but I still got this sticky, clear mucus in my sinus and the pressure kinda hurt and made me hard to sleep for 3 days and buying sinus irrigation kit online takes time so I just TRIED THIS AND WHOAHHHH I am SO relieved and my ears also unclogged suddenly after the irrigation. Thanks you!

  3. Darkfox129 Author

    Currently waiting on the water to cool down…i will admit im sceptical about this but from the comments im seeing nothing but good results so i hope this works for cause my sinus have been crap for many years

  4. Sickk racing Clothing Author

    Nothing ur doing is Sterile what so ever even that water isn’t after boiling it cuz that plate ain’t sterile this is a good way to really fuxk ur sinus up

  5. chase vogt Author

    This just helped me tremendously thank you, pro tip: heat the rest up later in the bottle by just putting the bottle itself in a coffee cup of hot water

  6. Goibon udenlove Author

    well, nothing comes out from my other nostril because everything is completely clogged and I can not even breath through my nose

  7. Michael Treneff Author

    This is brilliant. I'm on holiday in Austria, in a tiny village with no access to a doctor or pharmacy. I came down with a sinus infection that was so painful I couldn't sleep at all. I've been doing this for 2 days, and I'm a new man. Thank you so much.

  8. KingLasagna Author

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. It’s literally March and I got a cold. But luckily I saw this vid thank you 🙏🏽. You don’t know how hard it was. I couldn’t even breathe literally couldn’t breathe. I had to breathe through my mouth and that was so uncomfortable. 😊 thank you

  9. TMshanice love Author

    Dammit I gotta get rid of this cold my throat is scratchy and I can barley breathe out of my nose my kids to, well….here go's nothin water bottle and salt and tissue here we come🤒🤧😷🙏🏽

  10. Voice of truth Author

    My sinuses are so messed up I can't get water to go up one side and out the other! All I get is water coming back out the same hole

  11. Voice of truth Author

    Is actually a smart man by sterilizing everything they just had a woman in New York who used her tap water to do this exact same thing and had a brain eating amoeba kill her

  12. Andre Crawford Author

    For a good 3-4 months my nose has been blocked constantly or swollen and nothing has worked so I reckon tomorrow I’m going to try this for a few days! 🙂

    Wish me luck!

  13. Sharon Bernardino Author

    Tomorrow I’ll go to the store to get the ingrediënts. I’ll post my update in my own comment. Thanks Chris! Greetz from 🇱🇺

  14. Atomicus Aquinas Author

    You didn't sterilize the cap exterior, and you're putting that directly into your nose 😉
    Just fly, can never be too clean folks.

  15. Jm Janacek Author

    Thank you! I just did this and I have never neti potted before!!! Much better. My head still feels full but my sinuses feel amazing!

  16. الموسوعة العائلية The family encyclopedia Author

    Good work subscribe now exchange subscription support all of us in goodness I invite all viewers to subscribe in ELMAOSOAA chanle for all family you will not regret

  17. TTVSkylinegtsR33 Author

    This works i didnt have hydrogen peroxide But the salt and the baking soda helped A LOT i left a big thumbs up for that thanks (:

  18. Rylee Reis Author

    This literally worked perfect!! Woke up in the middle of the night and making this was so easy! I think using a water bottle is better anyways because you have way more control over the amount going in and out of your nose. Thanks!!!❤️

  19. Spidey Whiplash Author

    Excellent!👍 Next time add some psychedelic glow in the dark food coloring to your distilled water. I'd pay to see that!😉📸🎬

  20. vsco spongebob sksksk Author

    why i hate blocked sinuses..
    1. I can't taste or smell anything
    2. every second needing to blow my nose but nothing works

  21. Sasikumar R Author

    Good video Chris ! Proof that ancient Indian Ayurvedic wisdom still works ! BTW, you should use only 100% pure sodium chloride for this. Don't use salt bought from supermarkets as it almost always contains iodine. Also do not use sea salt or rock salt or any other natural form of salt as they contain a flurry of other salts that could harm your nasal membranes. Use only pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride. You could start by using saline solution (used for intravenous administration) available in all pharmacies which is a 0.9% w/v of pure sodium chloride in water and then slowly step up to stronger solutions that may also contain hydrogen peroxide or sodium bicarbonate. The other precaution is to only use distilled water and never use tap water. Tests done on hundreds of patients in England have proven that neti pot is a much superior alternative to steam inhalation or antibiotics for long term relief and prevention of painful sinusitis episodes. All the best!

  22. Marc Boiteux Author

    I just got a sinus infection. I tried your formula but it didn't do much. It actually made it worse, and should I say, it looks like it has triggered something. Whatever it did to my sinuses, it's getting worse. I think that I may have a more serious condition and this treatment isn't strong enough for what I have. Will have to check with a doctor on Monday…
    I know that many techniques can work, those that are commonly called "old grandma's healing recipes".
    But I've been told by my doctor than all viruses these days, have adapted and become more resistant to meds.
    Last resort remains surgery. Sucks!…

  23. Rylan Lanthier Author

    I use warm salt water in an old eye drop bottle that I made a bigger hole in and spray that up my nose I get sinus and chest infections too frequently through the year😂

  24. SuperSuec Author

    I went to ENT yesterday. He said use 1 pint of warm water, I teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon sugar and 1 teaspoon bicarbonate. Only just started it and have other meds as well including antibiotics. He did say expel it through your mouth though. But whatever works…

  25. 100 Subs No Vids?! Author

    Few people died using this..not a biggie

    Edit: just done it, survived..but my brain hurts along with back of my left eye, however i can breathe now

  26. Pedro Alb Author

    This was great, thanks, I have been researching "sinus conditions" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Franaar Easy Breath Formula – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my brother in law got excellent success with it.

  27. SilenT Lover Author

    If Anyone Think Its Danger Then I Would Like To Tell Them Its Not Risky…. Its Called Jal Neti It Is A Ayurvedic Formula And I Promise To All If You Use It 3 Or 4 Months I Surely Say You Will Beat Your Polyps…. And Use Black Salt 👍

  28. Queen Onyeahialam Author

    This helped a lot, even though I didn't have all of the ingredients. I literally did this with just salt and hot tap water and the improvement was ridiculous 🤯

  29. ManahChakshu मन:चक्षू Author

    Excellent video.. I’d like to add that if you use your own urine (let that sink in 😉 ) as neti liquid, the benefits are unbelievable.. it not only clears up your nostrils and flushes our allergies but also it injects a ton of stem cells in that area providing you extremely accelerated build up of the tissues that are damaged over years..
    Mentally, it grants you divine vision, intuition and ultimate creativity. Mental clarity, obliteration of anxiety and panic attacks and what not.

    PS: urine is naturally sterile and the most distilled liquid known to the man.
    Moreover it already contains all the ingredients you purchased for making the saline solution

  30. vaccinefraud Author

    Hey Chris. Do we know each other through Rebecca Carley's old RBN radio show?
    I am very happy that you showed the boiling of the water to prevent the brain eating amoeba that originated in australia (first reports) then was found at Yellowstone and made its way all the way to Arkansas (another volcanic hotspot).

    I prefer to use glassware like the Corning Visions STOVETOP cookware (make sure it is rated for stovetop).
    Check the labels on the hydrogen peroxide for stablizers. The typical brown bottle of peroxide uses toxic phenol to keep it stable. Reagent grade uses toxic tin. 30% peroxide isn't for the unskilled to mess with since it can be very dangerous but it supposedly has no stabilizer in it at all.

    I skip the baking soda (sometimes helpful for fungal exposures) just use salt at isotonic ratios and sometimes put in a drop of three of nascent iodine.
    I once had a stitch in my back that I thought I would have to go to a chiropractor to reset a rib for, but I did a nasal wash and the problem resolved in MINUTES.

  31. V zero Author

    Am just mixing salt and water.. it worked tho but when I pour it in my nose I can feel this salty liquid going all the way back in my head man it feels hell.. is it normal?

  32. Michael Mercury Author

    Great video, so easy to follow and a great help to me. Can you use a weak disinfectant, like Dettol instead of peroxide, if not handy. Many thanks M

  33. Michael Author

    I had a nose problem for 20 years and I found out my wife was causing my nasal passages to swell. Every time she behaved like a Devil Bitch, my nose would swell up and I couldnt breathe. I went through 2 surgeries and 20 years of mouth breathing before I realized it was her terrible behaviour that was giving my nose an allergic reaction. Btw, Neti Pot draining does work. But moral of the story is to NEVER GET MARRIED.

  34. Alex Hauser Author

    So, the first night( I didn't do this method yet) was terrible. I slept 3h and that with a terrible blocked nose. The next day it was still blocked. Normally my nose gets better when I stand and walk around. Or one hole is open. But this time it was TERRIBLE!!! I watched this video and did the same thing just with a TEAPOT. After the first round it was instant relief. After 10 min it was blocked again so I did it again. After the second time it my nose stayed unblocked "for ever". THANKKSKSSSS!!! :))))) Best method.

  35. Grimmnms Author

    I did this and it worked very well. But with my situation I am very glad I did this because while I was doing it the irrigation forced a blood clot to release that was stuck just in my sinuses that explained the very bad taste and breath.

  36. Arid Author

    Buddy just use water with pink rock salt "sendha namak" don't use sea salt. Don't experiment with yoga it will cause damage. And kindly mention this techniques is from yoga


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