How I Grew My Textile Design Business By 200x In 2 Years


  1. B. K Dutta

    Dear Oksancia, I am vv impressed of u r work. I am an artisttoo & want to sale my art work where.Pl let know the address. Thank u

  2. Grace Deiparine

    Hello again, so the more I watched your You Tubes the more I really want to do this and you are so kind to share this with us. So Id like to learn and I believe I have subscribe in one of your channels. Thank you once again and looking forward to learning from you.

  3. Indian Monk

    My name priyank… I am fashion designer…. I want freelance printing project… Block, screen, n digital printing….. N foile printing… Home furnishing, garment designing …. Iam doing everything… Please contact me [email protected]……

  4. Véronique Djedou Raynaud

    Hello Oksancia, I create a lot of african fabric patterns that I sell them on ETSY ( instant download) and I like it a lot, very convinient , if you want to see my shop and let me know what you think about my work it's here :
    But I would like to go above and sell cushions, bags and scarves, but I don't know where to begin, How did you do and if you can help me it would be very very very kind of you !!!!

  5. colors4u

    I was watching another of your videos today…five hints, but I wasn't able to reply. There was no comment area. and now I can't seem to find it.

  6. Myriam keaton

    All that is good, we can know how to create repeat patterns but where do you find your customers. Is it just Microstock and Print on Demand websites? I have been on Spoonflower and Society6 for a while and quite frankly, it's not where you can make a living. Fabric at Spoonflower are nice but too expensive to make profit margin. Redbubble and Zazzle are so overcrowded it is very difficult to have your work found. Thanks for the video but I must continue my researches because it wasn't really helpful for me :0( but thanks for sharing!

  7. Cat MeNot

    What do those percentages mean in value (dollars)? Please give a rough example of the before and after of monthly or annual sales. Thanks!

  8. Alefairyland

    So happy for you, you deserved it. Working hardly for to reach the same one day. Like your designs and videos, keep it going and good luck. Subscribed!!! 🙂

  9. Mildred Mcwhorter

    Have you thought about how many truck are on the road on a daily basis? They need warm quilt for sleeping, need fabric w/trucking theme. I love your fabric design, I see a lot of design on tee shirts but not on fabric, please design. Bet they would sell like hot cakes. please respond

  10. Mildred Mcwhorter

    why not design fabric for the over the road truck drivers? They sleep in their truck and they need fabric for quilt making/ with a trucking theme. Can't find any at all, bet you could sell a boat load of them. Please respond.


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