How it Works: Agricultural Monitoring with Satellites

to farm sustainably while still maximizing land productivity and managing input costs farmers need more information on their crops than ever for this they turn to trusted crop advisors to get the most out of their land and insure their farming legacy for generations to come for crop advisors finding a reliable source of high-quality affordable information to help serve their growers can be difficult this is why we've designed the planet labs monitoring programs for agriculture a cost-effective satellite imaging solution for comprehensive regular coverage of large agricultural areas within the program you get access to the latest 5 meter rapid eye imagery with the option of archive imagery from previous seasons dating back to 2009 Landsat 8 imagery is also available at no additional cost all of this is accessible right from your desktop through a simple file based solution here is how it works to get started select an area of interest this will be the area that you receive imagery of throughout the growing season we then collect your imagery multiple times during the growing season all imagery including Landsat 8 is stored in our cloud environment shortly after acquisition you can then access the imagery through a web application or API and finally you can create and distribute an unlimited number of information products for use in all of your applications so how do we do all of this our constellation of satellites captures more than five million square kilometers of multispectral imagery every day this means that we collect imagery over your area of interest multiple times throughout the growing season with the combination of bands used by the rabid eye constellation especially the unique red edge band you get the information you need to help growers farm sustainably increase land productivity and reduce input costs we store all your imagery for you so you avoid the cost and hassle of managing and maintaining a data storage facility all of your imagery is ready to use and readily accessible through an API or web application throughout the past few seasons we've collected over 25 million square kilometers of imagery over 33 US states and five Canadian provinces we've also expanded the program to cover areas in South America Europe Asia and Australia to learn more contact one of our planet labs experts by email or by phone planet Labs monitoring programs for agriculture our solution for your monitoring needs

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