How Old Clothes Can Become New Clothes | Textile Recycling ♻️


  1. Jandi the Artsy-Rose

    I want to donate some old jeans to Mud Jeans, but the shipping will be over $50. I live in the USA. I want to recycle my old clothes!

  2. Harambe Was Framed

    I hate wasting things. I’m all about materials being reused again. It seems like it’s less costly to make recycled material versus raw materials.

  3. Second Hand Fair Website

    Amazing video! I just share it at my website Looking forward to get more information about sustainable fashion.

  4. Ima Purnomo

    Wow, thanks for the info. I never knew that. Unfortunately I don’t wear all nylon or polyester clothes. I mostly wear 100% cotton, rayon or silk and spandex. I do my own wash and living in the tropics where the sun shines practically 10 months out of the year, i take full advantage if it when doing laundry. I also wear most of my clothes until they’re practically fall apart literally. Even when i can no longer wear them, i usually use it for rags. I recycled my bras into masks to wear outdoors in the dusty and polluted city.

  5. marie bbgon

    Hi Verena, thank you for the useful videos! Do you have any thoughts on recycling of shoes and bags? Maybe an idea for another video? 🙂


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