1. TrangleC

    Really clumsy video. People notice what you don't show them. So when you just show the same, low on information loop of basically nonsense, like that one robot putting plants in holes and that bigger robot lifting a bed of plants up without then doing anything with it, you make your video look like a cheap scam, meant to bamboozle really dumb people, without actually showing them anything substantive.
    So what is it? Is this vapor ware advertisement for some crowd funding scam that will never materialize, or is the video just bad and makes it look that way for no reason?

  2. Saharra Reyes

    What a scary future are we facing here!!?? The beauty of farming getting lost and the word nature becoming a part of the unknown. Work with farmers hand in hand to help them improve their way of farming. Don't take away their role in agriculture.

  3. first Impression

    We have BILLIONS of people living in misery without work around the globe…STOP AUTOMATING EVERYTHING! Let people work in farms, that would be great for everybody…

  4. Homo Quantum Sapiens

    robotics has nothing to do with this farming paradigm … it just saves money by not hiring people .
    The farming idea is hydroponic, not robotics.
    Once again, robotics is replacing people.
    Hydroponic has been done with people INSTEAD of robots for a long time

  5. VividRichizy

    What no one is talking about is that you save water but you use extensive ELECTRICITY to power up the techs, robots, LEDs. Which is not efficient as it would cost more.
    Furthermore, light pollution is also a delicate matter as LED grow lights produce a bright blue light (in addition to other colors) which can cause blindness in humans.
    LED grow lights are sensitive to high temperatures. The diodes may fail much more quickly under high temperatures and the quality of light they produce suffers as a result.
    LED diodes may also begin to change color as they get older. Despite having a long lifespan, as they age, they may fail to consistently produce the expected quality of light.

  6. Jack Graffi

    It may yield more food per acre but the resources and money you would need to make the facility would exceed the cost of an actual farm. The amount of electricity that it would need to power the constant LED’s and robots would also be a large expense. I could maybe see this technology in large dense city’s where large field are not available but even then the cost of Real estate in city’s could be to high to make this a practical solution.

  7. Lorne Beck

    And one day all we humans will do is play in vr because reality will be stimulating with robots doing all our jobs. There wont even be a point of studying anymore past highschool because a robot will be able to think 1000s of years past us. I mean really. A robotic arm to replace horticulturists.


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