How to Add Colors to Clay | Ceramics


  1. Rene Farkle

    Thank you for your awesome videos, wish you had more,,, where do you buy the mason stains? And, do you only use porcelain when adding these colours?

  2. Deena Berton

    Can you clarify the way you reference the percent of stain? There are 453 grams in 1 pound of clay. If you add 5 grams of mason stain and say that is 1% black, are you saying 5 grams of the total 458 grams is a roughly 1% CONCENTRATION or are you saying 5 grams TO 453 grams is a roughly 1% RATIO? In this case, it's a rounding error but I'm unclear if you said say "10% color" to refer to clay whether you mean to 1 pound of clay (1 pound = 16 ounces) you would add 1.6 ounces of mason stain to mix a 10% RATIO of stain to clay or whether you would mean adding 1.8 ounces of mason stain to 16 ounces of clay so that you end up with a concentration of 1.8 oz out of 17.8 total or approx 10.1%. Thanks for the video and sharing.

  3. Ginnie Crabtree

    If the coloured clay is used for casting with plaster, will the pigment from the clay wash off once the cast is ready to de-mold?

  4. phil harper

    You do realize that you weren't wedging the clay?  That technique is kneading (as in kneading bread dough)   There are tutorials on both on YouTube.  You do a good job explaining what you are doing otherwise.  thumbs up

  5. Sumi Kim

    Thank you for your video! it helps a lot !! I have a question after watching this video…. how can I know some stains are toxic or non-toxic? I sometimes used cobalt oxides, I didn't know that it was toxic.


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