How To Apply A Ceramic Coating From Start To Finish: Step By Step!


  1. Joseph Rivera


    Can I use Griot’s Garage Perfecting Cream to remove swirls and do some paint correction prior to applying the ceramic coating?

  2. Ron K

    Very informative video showing how to properly apply Ceramic coating to a cars finish. Certainly a lot of work involved in doing it properly. Well done Luke!

  3. TheBennynyc2

    Not sure if you said it if I missed it but how much was this product? How many cars are you able to do from this one product? How long did it take to get this product?(shipping wise)
    Thanks for the info this will be my first time applying ceramic coating and this seams like the tix for me

  4. Danny Simpson

    Hi Luke as a detailer myself this video is 5* you know exactly what your doing. A lot of companies claim to provide "detailing" but very few can deliver to a high standard. Awesome job bro keep up the good work 👍 😍

  5. Yoda Dunbar

    Just wondering, how food is CC to prevent bird poop from sticking, we have lots of wild birds which we encourage here, but occasionally they will land on the cars roof and leave lovely deposits lol
    Will a CC protect the paint?
    Cheers from Aussie land downunder

  6. Mark Harootunian

    Hey Luke. Have you seen Apex Detail's reviews of Mother's CMX? Looks like a great product and inexpensive! What do you think?

  7. Brad

    Can they be applied outside if it’s a dry cool day? I don’t have a garage but I plan in few months to polish one day then apply the ceramic the next day , is this a no no?

  8. Polie

    I have seen some local shops offering 6 coats of ceramic, but it seems like you only need one. I'm thinking of doing it myself, but how many coats should I put on?


    what a way to break a sweat lol literally. So question Wilson. i have started the ceramic coatings as well with the mobile detailing but i am getting my chops busted for not taking the wheels off and ceramic coating them. Some shops take the wheels off and so on but for liability purposes i do not take wheels off. I have tried doing the coating with the wheels on but man it is not easy. Do you offer coating the wheels or just the paint and glass?


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