How to Apply a Ceramic Coating to your Car!!! – VETERAN 9H


  1. Alvin Lee

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  2. Bobby Bondoc

    Most of the videos i watch uses a degreaser before applying the ceramic coat since polishing compound contains natural oil in them. So… can you do without the degreaser?

  3. Vlad Atomei

    Hello ! could you tell me what kind of products did you use throughout the process? including the used polishing machine and sponges? I would be grateful

  4. Green Beast

    This stuff is great but its not permanent. You have to redo it every couple of years. Unlike real ceramics that are cured with heat which makes them hardened and permanent.

  5. m lackey

    In answer to Marv Woo frustration re: no 'explanation' of what is used and why: here you go

    I understand your frustration. I, as a tradesman completely understood/understand the products and the steps without the 'words' Let me give you some insight. 1st. wash your car, 2nd, use a 'clay bar' to scour the paint, 3rd. use a 'polishing compound' with a power polisher. It looks like he's using 2 separate grits of polishing compound or one, the first one, as a polisher and the second time as a 'sealer' ( a 'sealer' is a separate product to fill in 'Micro scratching' left by the polishing compound). Then and only 'then' does he apply the 9H-Mr. Fix auto ceramic coating. Read….a lot of prep before the actual application of the 'ceramic coating' And there you go….the 'tradesman translation' or at least what 'I' see.

  6. George Torres

    I watch the video 20 times. You didn’t prep those two spots right and that’s why water spot are stuck on there.

    You know what would be cool? If you tape the hood to write the name of your YouTube account. So when you run the test the area with ceramic would be your Youtube name. Lol

  7. 1keykneedeep

    Suppose to use damp applicator to apply ceramic product. Let set up aprox 10mins and wipe with clean dry microfiber towel. Let cure 2-3hours and no washing for 24- 48 hours.

  8. Kyle Talcott

    Not my video but I will say ceramic coating will last about two years and properly protect your paint wax is simply a coverup for crap paint. When you use a product like this you need to make sure the paint finish is corrected. This means buffing and polishing the entire car then the car needs to be cleaned by hand w a wax and grease removing cleaner. Once the paint has been cleaned and polished then you can add this coating. This coating adds a layer on top of the clear coat where as wax fills in the existing scratches temporarily. Once paint is corrected apply the coating in a crisscross patteren evenly on the whole panel you can most the panel with water lightly to help spread the coating. Let this set up for about ten minutes longer if it’s cold and then lightly buff the panel with a microfiber if you doing an entire car simply start on one panel and work around the car until you come back to the original panel then use your microfiber. It is critical that the car is cleaned and washed between each step leading up the the wipe down with wax and grease cleaner


    I don't mean to bust your balls buddy but was the surface wiped with a prep spray after polishing or was the polish like a primer polish that has Sio2 allowing you to go right to the ceramic coating? Only asking because ceramic coating will fail if there is any polishing oils left behind and missing that key point will have a lot of people wondering why the coating didn't last.

  10. WhyHelloThere

    Ive used it on my wheels. It’s not a bad product at all for the price. A lot better than wax like 3/4 of the comments are saying.


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