How To Apply A Ceramic Coating!


  1. Troy Sowers

    Hey all – I've put links in the description for what I used if you're interested in giving it a go for yourself. Have fun 🙂 -TS

  2. Lee Dixon

    First time I’ve watched one of your videos Troy. Really enjoyed it. Very well presented. I’ve just used the same product over here in the UK and it states not to get wet for 48hours compared to your 24hours. 24 hours would make things so much easier.

  3. danial bairami

    Hey Troy I got a stupid question. I just got a corvette stingray same color 3 days ago so it has a fresh wax layer on it. What should I do or what's the best way to do it. Can I apply the ceramic coating right on the was or it was to come off completely first

  4. Brad N

    You’re always saying that this takes so much time but compared to how much time it takes me to do a full detail, it’s not that much time at all.

  5. Tennessee Jeff

    Why should the suede applicator be getting dirty? If the paint was prepped properly there should be no dirt on the applicator??

  6. Robin Mossing

    Hi Troy….can you do my car is there is detailed area that are Flat Black Matte paint….how does ceramic coating go from a super high gloss and then cover over matte paint? Can it be done

  7. Rod Pyle

    Troy what is your experience with this product over vinyl/wrap materiel? have rally stripes on top of my 09' stang. Thanks for your time.

  8. Proitalian anthony

    Great tutorial, and to the point. I'm just wondering, you never mentioned
    Using clay on this particular vehicle. Was that a dicision based on the age
    Of the car. Secondly is there any time limit for the application of the the reload?
    Great job !!

  9. C. .G.

    Just had to rewatch this vid bc I just had my new lead foot grey f150 done yesterday and was curious if my detailers technique was right. He owed me so he did my truck but he didn’t do the reload so just wondering how long the cquartz will last ?


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