1. ArkaynAdrian

    Love this channel. Nice to have a normal pleasant Aussie normal person doing them. One day I will get to the one day workshops you hold. One day!

  2. Donaven Naidoo

    Great video.. always.. Just finding out if, you are intending changing the colour of Subaru ..?? Is going to be a chrome colour with graphics like what you doing to your helmet..

  3. Louis Caputo

    Hey man, could you do an episode on how to spray Chrome Gold paint with a reflective gloss finish. Looking to do it on intake tubing with a black gloss engine bay. Thanks!

  4. Steve Bateman

    Hiya, great video, love watching them and using your tips. Where did you buy the clay bar glove from?? Your just takes me to a Standard clay bar. Keep up the great videos

  5. DUK33Y

    After using both CQ Quartz and Nova Evo, which would you recommend? My car has a decent amount of small stone chips on the bonnet and a couple of scratches on the doors. Would these be required to be fixed before ceramic coating?

  6. ERA71K

    what about the zero bucket method? Also any reasons you didn't use the eraser after each to make sure the correction is 100% perfect?


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