How to Apply NiBan Granule Dust Bait in Your Home

Hey I’m Chris the Bug Guy from Do My Own Pest Control dot com,
and today we’re going to show you how to apply NiBan FG Dust in your home. Let’s go! NiBan
bait can be used in cracks and crevices and hiding places where ants and roaches like
to hide. The great place to apply the NiBan granular bait is inside an electrical outlet
underneath the faceplate. Here we have a faceplate we have already taken the screws out. You
just take this off, and you can take the NiBan Dust and do a light puff right into the outlet.
You can also apply the NiBan Bait underneath the kitchen sink where the plumbing pipes
go into the wall or into the cabinet. Underneath the bathroom sink where the pipes go into
the wall is another great place for NiBan. You can also use NiBan behind the toilet where
the pipe goes into the wall. this video useful. For more information, click

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