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How to Build a 1.14.3 Automatic Wool Farm in Minecraft

Today we’re taking a look
at an automatic sheep farm. Now this will automatically shear
sheep to get you tons and tons of wool. Now why is this super nice to have other
than the fact that maybe you just want a ton of wool, well because of village, you’re trading in 1.14 you
can actually trade that wool. It takes 18 wool at the base
level trade for a single emerald. And if that shepherd villager
really, really likes you, you could trade emeralds
for a lot less wool. So having stockpiles of wool is
incredible for villager trading. So let’s go ahead and build an awesome
automatic sheep shearing system. [inaudible] So here we are inside of Minecraft, and this is what we are going
to be making, it is a very, very simple sheep farm. It’s only downside is that it is
a little bit slow for two reasons. There’s two things we have to wait on. One is for the sheep to want to
actually eat the grass to refill. It’s back of wool. And the other thing is the grass block
that it stands on to turn from dirt back into grass. So that the sheep can decide to eat on
the grass and then turn it back to a dirt block. How this works is that there
is an observer observing
the block that the sheep is standing on the moment that the sheep
eats that grass block and it turns into a dirt block. This dispenser, well take the shears inside of
it and shear the sheep are uh, our dirt turned into grass. And so the
dispenser tried to shoot the sheep, but it can’t and that does not hurt the
durability of the shears when it tries to do that. So that’s completely fine. And then as the sheep will eat that grass, then it will know that the
block has changed states. So it’ll try to shear the sheep. This
hopper minecart down here, will grab it, then it’ll go into the hopper,
then it will go into the chest. There goes in the grass. There we
go. That’s where we wanted to see. So once the grass grows, it’ll eat it. It’ll get it’s wool back and I can
get out of this view, oh my gosh. And now we have some
extra wool in the chest. So we are gonna make this
all in survival right now. So here we are on a survival server. This is actually my subscriber server
or if you subscribe to me on twitch then you can play on this server. But these are all the materials
that we are going to need. I’m going to personally make four of
these to speed up wool gathering just a little bit. But this bottom row is
everything you need for just a single one. So you need two hoppers, two chests,
a hopper, Minecart, Observer, a dispenser, one piece of
redstone dust, seven glass, one rail and at least one pair of
shears. Although shears are really cheap. So I would suggest that you like over
fill this with shears because they aren’t renewable and they will degrade
over time. So let’s get building, we have all this in our inventory already. I’m just using this chest just to
keep some extra stuff in there. I’m going to go ahead and keep some of
my building blocks and such in there. So first we need to figure out where
we are actually going to build our farm here. And we’re gonna want to choose a block
that the sheep is going to stand on and we’ll build everything
around that one block. So we’re going to use this dirt block
that happens to already be dirt and we’re going to start from there. So right
behind or to the side of that block, go ahead and dig out a space. We’re going to put our observer facing
into the block that the sheep will stand on. Whoops. Not like that there was going
to face into the block, uh, that, uh, is, uh, the sheep
standing on, like I said, and then put the dispenser facing
towards that block and put redstone dust behind and inside throw in
at least one pair of shears. Now we’re going to dig below that
block. So this is that block. We’re gonna make sure to hollow
out directly at behind it. And I’m also going to go ahead and hollow
out a space for me to just be able to play some blocks a little bit
better so we can get rid of that. We’re going to place our chests and our
hopper minecarts and such like that. So if this is the block that the sheep
is standing on directly below that, we’re going to eventually, we’re
going to put a hopper here, but we need that to point to a chest.
So we’re going to put down our chest, we’re going to take our hopper, point it into that so that the little
nozzle here at the bottom is pointing into that chest. Then we take a rail,
throw it on top of the hopper, and then take our mind cart with a hopper
inside of it and place it on top of that. And that’ll make sure
that a hopper minecart, we’ll grab things that land
on top of that grass block. So now we can fill this
all up, just like so, uh, we will eventually need to
be able to get down there. So we might want to like
do something like this. So that we can easily get in there.
And let me just make that like that. I will, I am going to put
down back some dirt, uh, right next to where the sheep will be
because that dirt will eventually turn into grass and that grass will help
make this grass become this dirt, become grass faster and not. Now all we have to do is take some of
the glass and place it around our area that we want the sheep
to stay in just like so. And the sheep will fall into
there and stay in there. Right before we grab the sheep, we’re
going to take the, our second hopper, we’re going to place it into the
dispenser there and we’re going to place a chest on top of that. And then this
would be where you add extra shears. And so we could fill up, this
entire dispenser was shears fill up. This was shears because
iron is pretty cheap. So you’d probably be able
to do that just fine. So now it is time for us to get our sheep
and in order to do that I’m going to make a little bit of a stairway up. I’m also going to grab my wheat from
my chest and we happen to already have sheep ready for a, for grabbing over here. And so I’m just going to go
ahead and grab one of those. If you’re in your own little world, you probably need to get a few
sheep or you’d have one. Uh, just happen to be around and
did not want a green one. But apparently we’re getting a green one.
Okay, follow me a little green sheep, and this is obviously fairly simple
because sheep will walk after wheat, so we’re just going to get him to a
point where he’s kind of close there and we’re going to switch away from the wheat
and then try to push him the rest of the way in just with using
collision here. There we go. We got him in. I used F3 and B to
see, his hit box to push him in, but now he is inside of that little thing. We do need to shear him at least
once to get the process started. So let me just go ahead and shear
him up and that wool will actually be collected just fine. We’re going to put that those shears
back in there and now we can remove this little stepping stone and eventually
he will eat. There you go. He gets his wool back and then it shears
him and already we have three wool inside of our chest down here and I was
just going to go ahead and make a few of these and they are very,
very, very stackable. So if I didn’t want to use all that
glass, here we go. There’s my glass. I don’t want to get in there. We
could set up another just right here. So an observer goes there,
a dispenser goes here, a piece of redstone goes back
here. So there we have it. These are my four little
sheep thing set up. Obviously the bottom chest can be
switched to a double chest. If you want, that would make it super easy.
And I’ve already added, oh, actually I took one of
the shears out of there. I’ve added all of the shears
into these dispensers. So this should run for thousands and
thousands and thousands of shears just fine. And already we have a small amount
of wool out of each of these sheep. And obviously this is more of a long
running sort of situation than a very, very fast situation. And
this is super tileable. I could keep going with
this and add, you know, just a ton of sheep in here to get
lots and lots of wool and then you go, that’s how you make an
automatic sheep shearing system. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, make sure you subscribe for future
videos, tips, tricks, tutorials, and spotlights here on OMGcraft. Also,
please give this video a big ole, like if you enjoyed it, I’ll see
you next time on OMGcraft. Bye.


  1. Christian Tria Author

    Hi guys i do this to my minecraft on my cp but i have a problem the wool ended up to the hopper not to the chest 😔 and i think the hopper is the problem and my minecraft is updated help guys

  2. Juicy Drew Author

    To quickly grow the grass back fill the square under the glass next to the sheep's grass with water and the grass will grow quickly.

  3. Τακης Καραμπατος Author

    guys it doesnt work pls help. When the sheep gets again its colour the dispencer wont throw the shear . What should i do ?

  4. Papi Chulo Author

    Hey everyone, I think in 1.14.4 this doesn’t work so to make it work make a infinite loop red stone signal and hook it up to the dispensers. This will cause it to work like it is supposed to. You’re welcome. 👍

  5. R K Author

    I put down dozens of chests and dozens of Hoppers around them at all the angles sitting down chest first then Hoppers or settingdown Hoppers first and then chest I've never seen a nozzle.

  6. R K Author

    The loot always get stuck in the mine car hopper. It never goes down into the hopper below it and the hopper below it doesn't dump anything into chests. I built for chess and then put a hopper right in the middle it doesn't connect to any of them. Ever.

  7. Detonater Callan Author

    Yay!! I really wanted to know this so I can get a lot of red wool to build a barn!! I'll definitely do this at some point!! Thx!


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