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How to Build Hoop Houses : Greenhouse & Hoop House Irrigation

Now we are going to talk about options for
irrigating the hoophouse. Of course there is no rain that comes in here which is a blessing
because the rain brings crop damage and diseases however you are responsible for every drop
of water in this hoophouse. Come March and April the hoophouse uses lots of water so
you’re going to have to make a plan. You can see Shenandoah is hose watering which is OK
given that we have the water and we are out here every day but in the long run we are
going to have to come up with a better plan that doesn’t tax the domestic well so highly.
We sometimes use a hundred or more gallons or mare a day to keep the hoophouse irrigated.
Ultimately we want to put in drip irrigation. Drip irrigation is a system by which the water
is emitted right on the soil surface of just under the surface. Right where the plants
need it. So you waist less and there’s less labor. With an established drip irrigation
system you could water this whole hoophouse with the switch of a, with the flick of a
switch. Notice how Shenandoah is washing the plants she avoids a direct stream she’s using
the mister the spraying mist to gently distribute the water. She washes over the bed of salad
greens and she comes back for a second time allowing the water to peculate down rather
to slosh or run off the surface.
Lastly let me talk about another option for irrigation. You can see we have this hose
which goes to a gravity flow tank which is caught off the house harvested from the house
and flows down here in the summer months by gravity. Now our prototype was collecting
three hundred gallons of water but we really were we are really looking at building a ten
thousand gallon water catchment system and sense the hoophouse is a downhill from the
house and the potential catchment tank we can irrigate this entire hoophouse through


  1. 2RevoWa Author

    Great Greenhouse, The reason I was here was looking on a hoop house, Anyway, Grow Hydro, Makes it so much easier, and Better in the long run. Then there is something that I wanted to also say. First you said that you don't use the rain water this and that. And good Idea, However at the end of the movie you started talking about Run off water. hummm Same thing. Then there is something else one must know if your going to use Water off your roof, Make sure it is a metel or clay roof. Thank you

  2. BLOODYCLQ Author

    i use storm water for my plants, they are alright, i don't spread the water from the top as the way in this video, i only feed the soil with water from the bottom and they go alright, it has been 8 years using tab water for plants banned.

  3. sirchiply Author

    In the very beginning you described the rain as bringing crop damage and disease, but then at the end you described that you collect the rain water and store it and use it to water your hoop house. Sounds a bit contradicting don't ya think, or do you put it through a biological & mechanical filtering system before use?

  4. Will Morris Author

    Great tutorial, keep up the good work, hoop houses are awesome, you can buy a 7×15 for under $180 these day's, and they last over 3 year's, mine is going on 4 years now. I am very happy, and thinking about buying another 10 hoop houses to create a larger structure for more square growing ft.


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