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How to Care for Bearded Dragons : Bearded Dragon Growth Rates

The next thing I want to talk a little bit
about is growth rate on bearded dragons. Bearded dragons do start off very, very small, and
they do get relatively large. Eighteen to twenty-four inches. Some maybe even slightly
bigger if you gets what’s called a German giant. Now, bearded dragons grow relatively
fast, but not super fast. You can do what’s called power feeding, though I don’t recommend
it, which basically popping them with lots and lots of food really fast to get them to
grow very fast. Your bearded dragon needs to grow at a healthy rate, so as a baby you
should see shedding you should see him shed his skin, maybe every once a week to every
week and a half, preferably. If your bearded dragon reaches a length of say, about that
big, and all of a sudden seems to stop growing, it’s been a year, a year and a half, and nothing
is really happening anymore, you need to reevaluate your husbandry techniques. Growth problems
like that could be anything from a lack of hydration, a lack of proper diet, lack of
proper heating, all things we’ve discussed a little bit today. It’s very important that
you watch your growth rate of your reptile and keep a monitor on that. It’s a good indication
as to proper health and proper keeping techniques. Don’t put it aside and think oh he’s just
going to be small. Pay attention to it. I’ve had many a customer come in over the years
and tell me they’ve had their bearded dragon for five years and he’s only that big. And
I come to find out they’re not anywhere getting near the correct heat for the reptile, or
the proper diet.


  1. Kitty Rawwrr Author

    -lettuce=NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE!! try greens like mustard greens, turnip greens, etc.
    -Banana=high in potassium and phosphorus; not recommended!!
    green beans=oxalates;not great as a staple, but can be fed occasionally.
    apples=feed occasionally; not a good staple food!

    try varieties of squash, cut into tiny pieces, and the different greens I mentioned such as mustard greens and turnip greens. Nopales (cactus) is also good, but cut off the spines! contact me for more info. =]

  2. Kitty Rawwrr Author

    UVA and UVB atre both necessary for the beardie to properly digest its food…I highly recommend the Repti-sun 10.0 bulb.(no less than 10.0!!) Be careful with waxworms; they are high in fat. Silkworms are great staple insects, as they are full of nutrients, protein, and calcium (dont need to be dusted, either!). In terms of minerals and vitamins, I suggest the Rep-Cal calcium powder (pink bottle) and Herptivite multivitamin (blue bottle).

  3. skullbuster19 Author

    no not really because they just want to stay warm
    mine does the same thing and he is about 7 months and does the same thing

  4. Tannis Everly Author

    If all your dragon wants to do is bask in his lighting it might mean that he is not getting warm enough. Make sure you have the right lighting and equipment. If you have everything you need you might try asking someone who would know about them like a vet or one of the reptile managers at a well regarded petstore.

    Beardies are generally kind of laid back and lazy but if her never leaves that spot it might be trying to tell you of a problem.

  5. Styn bruster Author

    Hey im gonna get one soon and is a 50 gallon tank good enough for 1 bearded dragon? And where do i find the greens at for him?

  6. Jc Author

    yeah thts perfect. and u can find them at ur grocery store or if u have farmers markets. i have a lot of them becuz i live in the west.

  7. Styn bruster Author

    So the 50 will be fine when he gets to be an adult> And what fruits should i feed it also. And can i just use carpet for the bottom of the cage i dont want him to get impacted.=p

  8. blindguardian805 Author

    i was petting him last night and his stomach was kinda wide when he was laying in my hand and his front and back legs where on 2 fingers with a empty space for his belly and it was wide but its like and on and off thing?

  9. gazza h Author

    thats real cheap.
    in england all that would come to about £250($450)
    i was looking at bearded dragons today and there £69 which is about $120-$130 :/

  10. 4K4Head Author

    I'm just going to throw this out here.

    First of all please all learn to type in a language called English.

    Secondly you must all be mentally defunct if you think he has committed some crime bye gently, yes gently, bring the lizard back in control.

    Seriously that really was not a problem for the little fellow! If it were he would of detached and headed for the hills! As requested by Iron Maiden.

    Good day to you all.

  11. Joss Martin Author

    hello um i just wondering some people say if you have two bearded dragns in one tank then they will fight and cause harm to eachother and should be seperated ive got two bearded dragons and a 4ft tank and i dont really want to seperate them what do i do, do i have to seperate them or could i just keep them together ?

  12. MrOutdoorsguy Author

    hey 2 of my bearded dragons toes are dried out really bad and one of them is going to fall of i no that but its just stuck to the other one that's dry what do i do

  13. robert trump Author

    Actuly it's safe to pickem up by the tail when their small…. Also I trust this guy…seen his video on how to raise treefrogs and iv had mine for about 2 years.

  14. castledragonsword Author

    yes you dont hold a bearded dragon by the tail but the guy is trying to explain some important facts, dont forget, and the little bugger tried to make a runner fairly suddenly. lifting it by the tail for that short a time wont cause it any major damage anyways so no need to over react to that.

  15. nigel brown Author

    i want to get a bearded dragon but i am usually not at home from friday night to sunday night. if i fed my bearded dragon on friday before i left and the put some extra food in his tank would he be ok? (my lights go off automatically at night)

  16. XOooALEXooOX Author

    STOP PULLING HIS TAIL! Your supposed to be an expert, setting an example on correct care, and this is FAR from it! If his tail comes off (WHICH THEY CAN AND DO) it's not a gecko, it WILL NOT grow back, I don't care that you only held it for a second, but thats all it takes to detach a tail. Learn how to handle and care for a bearded dragon correctly before trying to teach others. I've had beardies from them being 6 weeks old, and i can sit and hold them without doing that, so you can too!

  17. XOooALEXooOX Author

    @nicephilyd No, im sorry, this will not work for you. Even if the dragon is on a mostly veg diet, in them 2 days in the heat of the vivarium the food will dry out and will not be good for the little guy.

  18. P. Goulet Author

    chill people he isn't holding it by its tail, he just kept it from walking off his arm
    it's so light at that age that it isn't going to be damaged by a quick position change using the tail

  19. Tam Edey Author

    @mattharden1982 Yeah, I know.
    Turns out he's only 2 months old. My old one died in my boyfriend's care before I posted the comment and replaced it without telling me.

  20. Lindsayface47 Author

    My six month old sheds about every one-two weeks. I'm glad that this is normal. He just reached a little over a foot long, and he's growing faster than I can keep up.

  21. jake hanson Author

    icecubeX83 ask the store you got it from.. They will NOT charge u. Now if u r lucky like me your friends parent will be great to ask (they r vets)

  22. Rud3Bwoy Author

    that big?you sir are a moron,be more specific to users a bearded dragon can grow from anywhere to 18 to 24 inches should weigh 400 grams or more,the length you showed with your hands are perfectly fine

  23. shawn dignazio Author

    wow you are a dumbass dont pick up by the tail and you look like a damn big ass bear with a large path of chin hair and you smack your lips before every sentence you say faggg!!!

  24. Kevin Author

    check lighting, food, this happend to me too, if you have 2 of them put a screen between them and prevent them from seeing eachother in case one is beating up the other, make sure to use calcium power regularly, and mix up there diet! get a mercury bulb if you can by ZooMed 🙂 hope this helped 😛

  25. Davesome 51 Author

    Hi, can you please help me. I have baby bearded dragons and they all live in the same vivarum, there is 12 of them in size of 90cm X 40cm X 30cm and there is always a slight problem with biting tails, legs, toes. I give them plenty of food but don't know why this happens.

  26. repticrew Author

    This usually happens when they are a little hungry. But also it has to do with dominance take out the ones without nip tails because chances are that your babies are competing and the ones with nipped tails are the ones that are subordinate or low ranking. Hope this helped after two months of waiting lol!

  27. TheMCMeals Author

    I have a problem, my bearded dragon is 2 years old but is only 14 inches (counting tail). At 2 years they are supposed to be full grown, right? Its in a 50 gallon tank with its basking spot around 100. Im wondering if UVB could be the problem because the latest bulb I bought was a cheap off brand and the light doesn't seem that bright (tube light). Replies would be helpful

  28. yasluvsu Author

    Quick question someone help me my beardie is about 6 months old and he is just not reaching 12 inches what do I do is this bad ? I'm getting a bigger tank for him tomorrow I'm hoping he grows more once he is in the bigger tank


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