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How to Care for Chickens : Different Breeds of Chickens

Hi Im doctor T. K. Roy. I’m speaking on behalf
of Expert Village. We have different breeds of birds. Most common pureline breeds, include
Rhode Island red, which are brown colored birds. Its a double purpose breed. It gives
quite a fair quantity of meat and at the same time a good quantity of eggs. There are white
birds which are know as white leg horns. They are lighter birds and they are reared mainly
for egg production. Their egg production capacity is much higher than the brown ones. Then there
are Black Australorps. They are black birds but mainly reared for body purpose, I mean
a good quality, good quantity of meat and a good number of eggs. Thank you very much.


  1. Carol Decker Author

    Is your garden a safe place to roam? because we let our out in the garden every say, and they head home afterwards, but if you're unsure, buy a bigger hen hut, get them used to going in there, then start letting them out, no matter how long we let them out. they always go home after, Chucks are clever like that, if they know where home is, you can let them out for as long as you want. 🙂


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